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Comment Re:History lesson (Score 1, Troll) 333

You read a simple historical fact about Mussolini and immediately think it has some similarities to current events?

The only similarities I see between then and now is that the tools of fascism haven't changed. All you have to look at is see who is being physically violent against who to know who the good guys and the bad guys are.

But yeah, you're right. You we're just giving a "history lesson" in a thread completely unrelated to WWII-era dictators. I'd stick to that story too, if I were you.

Comment They're screwed (Score 1) 333

True satire can't exist in an environment where no one can take a joke.

Even Jerry Seinfeld realized two years ago that comedy and the perpetually offended crowd can't mix. Now think how much worse it's gotten in those two years.

Between the crazed liberal snowflakes and the persecution complex on the right, I'm surprised comedy clubs aren't looked at the same as Klan meetings by now.

People just need to relax and realize that life really isn't this serious.

Comment Re:History lesson (Score 1, Troll) 333

Good thing the fascists lost in our most recent national election.

Although it's fun watching them flame out spectacularly (no pun intended, see: Berkeley), the true fascists are still out beating innocent people up, destroying property, and otherwise using violence to shut down free speech like they always do, and that saddens me.

At least you're thinly veiling your allusions to sedition, most of your ilk aren't that smart and will find out the hard way what happens when you advocate such things.

Comment Re: Probably should have focused more (Score 4, Interesting) 319

There's no explaining this to someone who has been indoctrinated into believing they always have the "moral high ground", whether or not they actually do.

Most smart businesses will shit bricks if their CEOs, employees, representatives or anyone associated with their brand does ANYTHING, even in the slightest, to offend or otherwise piss off even small groups of their customers.

Even if a group of people only represent small portions of your customer base, a 1-3% drop in your market share can equate to a tanking stock price, boards replacing executives, layoffs/downsizing, etc. But if you piss off roughly half of the country? Well that's OK because they're deplorable and you don't want such unwashed Nazi KKK member redneck backwoods uneducated stump-jumping hillbillies giving you money anyway.

Then wonder why your customer base is steadily dropping, because those deplorable people are only a fringe minority of nutcases, right? Right?? Again, a smart business stays the fuck out of politics and tells their representatives to do the same. Notice you don't see the largest blue chip corporations playing this identity politics bullshit, at least out in the public view where everyone can see it. Do you see Verizon posting BLM nonsense? Do you see IBM letting their employees off to march against Trump? Even if those megacorps are the ones behind the scenes pulling the strings, they're smart enough to keep their fucking name off of it!

Point being, it doesn't make sense from a business perspective to get involved in this kind of public virtue signalling or identity politics. The blue chip companies understand this, the new money trash think they're invincible. Any company that does (looking at you Silly Valley), should expect their stock price to drop and people to slowly migrate away from their products. You see, most people who stop using Mozilla aren't going on Twitter or Facebook to broadcast how wonderful of a person they are because they're boycotting a product. They just silently note to themselves that this company isn't worthy of their business and they move on. When you've got large portions of the population keeping track of these things in their heads and making conscious efforts to actually use products that support their beliefs (or at the bare minimum, keep their mouth shut about what they think), you'll see the death of these companies that only cater to the virtue signalling trendy hoards on social media while paying customers look the other way.

Comment Re:This is not news (Score 1) 205

Why is it OK to ridicule anyone because of the way they're born? No one has control over becoming schizophrenic any more than they have control over their sexuality, gender, race, color, creed, or disability. While your joke is funny (I tend to enjoy off-color humor), you'd be raked across the coals if you made light of any of the other statuses besides mental illness.

Comment Re:This is not news (Score 1) 205

All sarcasm aside, I'm actually shocked we still consider anything to be mental illness anymore.

It seems like it's all been normalized so we can explain it away as "born that way", "eccentric" or "that's what their brain feels they are" so we can hand-wave anyone who seriously considers helping people that are obviously mentally ill as bigots or hate-mongers.

Eventually, I fear even the more serious mental illnesses, such as schizophrenia, will be lumped in with the rest and we have to give them their safe space and won't be allowed to suggest they might get any kind of help.

Comment Re:Anti-globalists was one faction of the Trump vo (Score 0, Offtopic) 172


See, it never ceases to amaze me how deluded people can STILL be, even now, two months and some change on from when they lost.

If your party clings to those being the reasons that you lost, then you'll never win another election again as long as you live. I'm no hate-monger or asshole, nor am I really an anti-globalist. I wouldn't mind some globalism, as long as it's on some much better terms than the wholesale shipping of our entire business and manufacturing base into foreign nations to line the pockets of the 0.1% even more, but I digress. I voted for Obama in 2008. (Remember HOPE and CHANGE-I'd bet a lot of those same people voted from Trump this time, starting to understand yet?)

Anti-globalism was a major driver for those in the know, in addition possibly a fringe of misogynists, sure (I mean less than 1%), but the overarching reason folks voted for Trump is that they wanted someone who at least pays them lip service. Sure, lots of people, myself included, know that he probably won't do 10% of the things he promised, but at least he promised something other than 4 more years of the middle-class circling the bowl and shipping their livelihoods to India or China. That was essentially Hillary's platform, more of the same establishment, more of the same shaft to the people, and wasn't ashamed to say it!

I expect everything that comes out of a politician's mouth to be unadulterated bullshit, but come on! She couldn't even be bothered to act like she cared about the middle class (what's left of it) she was so arrogant. All she would have had to do to win was lie, but she was too lazy to evendo that. Says a lot about her character, doesn't it? She thought she could win with her middle finger up to America standing next to Obama with his hand on the flush valve. How could she possibly have lost?

Must be those damned misogynists.

Comment Re:Young folks, Blacks and Latinos staying home (Score -1, Flamebait) 172

Just stop.

It seems a whole bunch of the working class just stood up, here and in GB, and ignored the propaganda, lies, fake news, and rhetoric (you call them "wedge issues") to take back control of their nations.

Globalism is only inevitable to a globalist. That's how I knew you were one, because while it's doom and gloom for you, it's a brand new day for millions of sane, intelligent people who aren't going to be bullied by the likes of you and your ilk anymore. You lost, get over it.

P.S. - Spoken like a true Democrat to use minorities as a scapegoat, though. Do you get bonus points for that?

Comment Re:I know I'm pigeon holing here (Score 2, Flamebait) 172

God damn, is everything Doom and Gloom with you people? Apple unashamedly politicizes a price hike disguised as equality (gotta keep things "fair" right?), and your ilk uses it as an excuse to play the blame game against populists who look out for their own interests before the interests of foreigners. Real cute.

Wanna know what else? I know more young people that voted for Trump than old codgers. You must have missed how the shitposting internet memers got Trump elected. The geriatrics sitting at home all day watching Fake News on the Cable TeeVees are the only ones I know that voted for Her(tm) and will actually admit it out loud.

But yeah, what's to come is going to suck for all those suckling off the teat of the globalist establishment, of which I assume you're on the gravy train somewhere, right?

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