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Comment Doesn't seem that hard (Score 1) 207

To properly define what a planet is, I think you need to first define what a moon is.

Moon: a body that orbits another non-stellar body where the center of mass is within the larger body's radius.

Planet: a spherical body that is not a moon or star. Sub-groups include gas giants, terrestrials, minor planets, double planets, etc.

I'm probably missing some nuance or details but you get the picture.

Comment Re:Enterprise (Score 1) 203

These are the ones from the TV show and movies.

NX-01 - NX class - served 2151 to 2161
NCC-1701 - Constitution class - served 2245 to 2285
NCC-1701-A - Constitution class (refit) - served 2286 to 2293
NCC-1701-B - Excelsior class (refit) - served 2293 to 2329
NCC-1701-C - Ambassador class - served 2332 to 2344
NCC-1701-D - Galaxy class - served 2363 to 2371
NCC-1701-D alternate timeline - Galaxy class (refit), aka Galaxy-X, aka Galaxy-dreadnought - served ? to ~2395
NCC-1701-E - Sovereign class - served 2372 to ?
NCC-1701-J - Universe class (possible/alternate future) - served 26th century

Star Trek Online has the NCC-1701-F Enterprise - Odyssey class.

Comment Re:Popular Science reports... (Score 1) 372

Republicans are dividing the country without realizing that their part of the country is rapidly becoming irrelevant. There's also the fact that Democrats won every state but Kentucky in the under 30 vote so eventually all of you backwards idiots are going to just die out. Looking forward to that.

"Progress advances one funeral at a time." - Max Planck (paraphrased)

Comment Re:Not very smart (Score 1) 497

I have been very disappointed in the response of the losing side over this election. This is the kind of behavior I feared that would flare up on the other side when Trump lost the "rigged" election and the faithful rose up in revolt. It's not what I would expect from the allegedly rational side of the fence. They don't even have the excuse that Hillary egged them on.

In fact, the only excuse they could possibly make is that "this is how Trump would do it". So tell us again how you're better than he is?

People aren't rational, especially "true believers". We most certainly would have seen anti-HRC demonstrations had she won the day. I would wager that the response from Trump supporters would have been much, much worse than what we are seeing now, but that is academic.

It is only a few (hundred? thousand?) out of millions of voters being assholes. I wonder how many of them didn't bother to go vote?

Comment Re:Alternative to censoring (Score 1) 470

Outright banning them is too extreme in my opinion, in part because of the appearance of or risk of censorship.

Instead, tag the suspect stories, or all stories, with a link to lists of alternative sources, viewpoints, and fact-checking sites for the claims given.

By the way, some conservatives consider and to be left-leaning. Evidence of this is thin, or at least doesn't show significant bias in my inspections. (I see errors in ranking judgement more than bias.)

However, assuming it is left-leaning, where is the right's alternative?

When you are extreme right everything else leans left.

Comment Re:Yes! (Score 1) 412

I raise your Seagal for Christopher Lee, who said when asked to act out a the gasping sound from being knifed said "it's not a sound one forgets".
He was a real soldier not a weekend gun nut anarchist. He could tell you that you need a squad to get things done and that a single guy against an army is called a practice target no matter how well armed the single guy is.

That would be a neat trick, since Mr. Lee passed away last year.

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