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Comment Re:Yeah.. (Score 1) 197

The big problem is that every calorie of food requires the input of 10 calories of fossil-fuel energy, mainly from oil and gas, which will be running out within your lifetime.

Well, people have been producing calories far longer than they have been using fossil fuels to do it. But a return to those methods may not be very compatible with the modern Agribusiness/GMO complex.

At least all those overweight people will finally be able to use up the reserves...

Comment Re:Great, but (Score 1) 197

wouldn't regions that eat a lot of tofu have women with generally larger breasts?

The way I have it is that the traditional fermentation process (also when soy sauce is made the old-fashioned way) diminishes those phytoestrogens considerably. In other words: traditional tofu and soy sauce not problematic, factory produced stuff as available in the West probably problematic.

(As I'm steering away from all processed foods - due to a general desire to live healthier and a particular desire to increase my quite low testosterone levels, all due to a medical condition -, and since whole soybeans are quite hard to come by in any case in my locale, I don't really care. What I do care about is that soybeans (mostly GMO these days in any case) are a cheap feedstock (together with sunflower and maize) in my locale going into milk, egg and meat production and all contribute to the unhealthily high omega 6 : omega 3 ratio. So for that reason I also try to source organic versions of such food products - and am happy to report that it works me out cheaper too.)

Comment Solution (Score 2) 113

I am glad that I am not caught out by this. I go to serious, bona fide news websites to get my news. They are always objective, accurate, impartial, don't put some slant on stories, and above all, do not ignore some stories that I think are important.

So let's see how many whooshes this piece of sarcasm creates...

Comment What, earth cant produce enough idiots on its own? (Score 1) 348

The United States President Barack Obama said Tuesday the country will send Americans to Mars by the 2030s and return them "safely to Earth."

And once they return, they will be eminently suitable to hold public office. Like a fostering program for future presidents, senators, congresspeople and so on and so forth, if you like.

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