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Comment Re: Has Wikileaks jumped the shark? (Score 1) 269

When the woman consents, maybe?

Trump was talking about how he was famous enough that women would let him "grab them by the pussy" (as he put it), not that he runs up and grabs random women. He was bragging about how attractive women found him and what they'd let him do.

I find it amazing how "outraged" people pretend to be about Trump saying the word "pussy" but how they flat-out don't care about a serial-rapist ex-president whose wife, as a defense attorney, helped get a rapist off by attacking the character of his victim.

But go ahead, go continue to pretend to be outraged about Trump saying "pussy" while refusing to acknowledge the victims of the Clintons.

You fail to recognize what it's really about. No one is outraged that he used the word pussy.Trump bragged that he can treat women however he wants because he is a star. He's trying to become president (an even BIGGER star), so imagine what he thinks he can do to women then. PS - Bill Clinton is not running for president and Hillary has forced to take the rapist case (public defender) and did her fucking job. And the rapist did NOT get off.

Comment Re: Yeah... (Score 2) 326

Well if you cant blame a generation for their policies that were instituted while they could vote and the next generation could not, then who else? You can blame the uber rich politicians creating those tax cuts but who voted for them time and again? Who allowed them to continue to do the tax cuts while saying nothing?

With that indisputable logic, the millenials should have fixed it all by now!

Comment Re: Yeah... (Score 1) 326

Are you kidding me? The millenials are so full of themselves that they take selfies ten times a day and post them to social media. Now that's the me generation.

Boomers: fucked over the millennials by massively overspending and burdening the younger generations with huge debt, impoossibly high housing prices and vast retirement programs to find.

Millenneals: take selfies

Conclusion: fucking millennials are the "me" generation.

You blame ALL the boomers for the few uber-wealthy cutting taxes for themselves? Stupid.

Comment Re: Yeah... (Score 2, Insightful) 326

Boomers should be lauded for one thing only, they are selfish pricks, aptly named the "me generation". Thanks to the rise of the more populous and much more selfless generation of millenials we'll hopefully stop and reverse the damage the Boomers have done to this country.

Are you kidding me? The millenials are so full of themselves that they take selfies ten times a day and post them to social media. Now that's the me generation.

Comment Re:Double standard? (Score 1) 1042

So if you believe in God, the science world think's you're crazy/stupid, but if you believe in a programmer of the universe, it's totally cool and many of them agree. Gotcha.

No, both are equally crazy/stupid, but I'm willing to take anybody's money who wants to pay me to "research" the idea.

Comment Re:Magnetic strip? (Score 1) 222

What's up with this "freedom" propaganda in the US? In most of the freedom indices, the US is unremarkable compared to other western countries. It is not bad, but among these countries, only the US seem to brag about it so much. I suppose it is some kind of political strategy to justify anything.

Just like in any other country, there are fools who believe the propaganda the government pushes.

Comment Re:Bravo indeed (Score 1) 424

If she'd been smart she would have gotten a formal copy right on the video, AND...copyright/trademark on the phrase she used "You're Filming? Bravo".....and made a fortune off this attempt to get back at someone that backfired.

There's always a silver lining somewhere if you just will look for it, and not take yourself out of the gene pool prematurely.

I'm pretty sure she didn't expect the video to go viral, and certainly didn't expect her spontaneous comment to become a meme.

Comment Re:Civilized (Score 1) 180

So it's more important to spend millions of dollars getting high speed internet to some cabin in the mountains for a hermit who doesn't even want it, than to provide higher speed for 1000 people in an urban area?

That's just plain stupid. You're a Democrat, aren't you.

We hermits want it you elitist motherfucker.

Comment Re:addressing the wrong problem. again. (Score 1) 140

This is just a temporary measure until they come up with a better solution.

Sorry, I don't buy that. If the problem is that some people are over-using the systems preventing others from using them, then completely disabling them for everybody while you look for a better solution is worse than doing nothing. You've turned unavailable for some people in some places at some times to unavailable for all people every place all the time.

No, they're not. You can still use the other functions - wifi services, free calls, and maps - as the poster you responded to points out! You can't do any of those things while someone is hogging the booth with porn (or anything else).

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