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Comment Re:Fake news is real (Score 1) 895

No, fake news really exists, although it the term has been coopted to mean "stuff I don't agree with."

That's not correct - it's a looney left talking point. The two items that I referenced are *factually* incorrect. The MLK bust was never removed from the White House, this isn't someone's "opinion", it's a fact. Likewise, Trump became President on January 21, 2017. So if someone was detained at the airport in December of 2016, it had nothing to do with now President Trump. It had to do with President Obama. Again, not an "opinion", not "stuff I don't agree with", instead it is "fact".

Both items were passed off as "news" by seemingly legitimate news organizations. Both items are fake news - literally fake. There are plenty of other examples, but, newsflash: Media Matters isn't going to tell you about it.

You continue to fail at understanding "Fake News." The MLK bust story was MISTAKENLY incorrect, and it WAS CORRECTED. Fake news sites INTENTIONALLY LIE and DO NOT CORRECT.

Comment Re:Wrong Priority (Score 1) 236

Perhaps using a higher revision number before a newer time stamp would be the way to solve this stupidity.

So, Rev of the MS Driver, dated July 20, 1969, should have a higher priority than Rev 34.5 of an nVidea driver? Really?

Yes, because the time stamp of 1969 has obviously been altered and thus the version number should be used. Thanks for proving my point.

Comment Re:LOL (Score 1) 899

While I agree Trump's ego is out of control. Look at where we are at when both sides are arguing "Who had more friends show up". This is like 4th grade all over. SOMETIMES YOUR PARTY LOSES. Lose with some fucking class.

You're missing the point. If Trump, Inc will openly lie, boldly about trivial things are so obviously false, he will most certainly lie about things that matter that are hard to tell are false. That will put American lives in danger.

As a side note, I don't recall the Republicans losing with any "fucking class" for the last 8 years while they accused Obama of being from another country, blocked anything he wanted solely because he wanted it (ACA was modeled after Republican RomneyCare), and blocked him for a year from appointing a Supreme Court Justice. And before you start saying they didn't protest, look up Tea Party.

Comment Re: Rad Left (Score 1) 899

Why is it fine to try and determine who the Boston bomber was, but not some rando anti-trump kid that sucker punched someone?

That makes you a hypocrite, and a piece of leftist shit in my book, I hope you enjoy letting blacks fuck your wife up the ass, after all they don't have your white privileges, and you owe them.

You're obviously a troll (with all that buck-fucking stuff, also homo-repressive, but that's not my forte), but I'll school you on the difference. If you want to "identify" a criminal, go ahead and provide any information you have to the responsible police authority. Doxing is for vigilante justice.

Comment Re:Impossible to be well informed (Score 1) 197

Joining Jeffery Eisenach on Trump's FCC transition team is Mark Jamison, an economist at the University of Florida. Like Eisenach, Jamison is affiliated with the American Enterprise Institute in Washington, an expert in telecommunications policy and a critic of the FCC's net-neutrality regs.

Ah, the AEI - the climate-change-denying conservative "think tank" which offered $10K bribes to criticize the IPCC. Seems legit.

Comment Re:Sold out (Score 1) 197

Politicians have sold out across the board. This is not a republican problem, it is a problem for every politician that accepts campaign donations from corporations.

You are in denial. Democratic administration says they violated net neutrality. Republican administration reverses that. How is THIS not a republican problem.

Comment Re:Third-party fact checkers scares the... (Score 2) 194

Actually no. The "media narrative" photo was taken later. There is even a clock tower in that photo that you can zoom into. That picture has a physical world time stamp.

The two most famous of these side-by-side pictures show times of 11:19am and 11:22am.

Stop using facts. It isn't fair.

Comment Re:Never give a number (Score 1) 435

Exactly. Salary negotiation is a game and the first person to name a number loses. Asking someone their complete salary history is like saying to someone, "Let's play poker, only, i get to see all of your cards and you don't get to see any of mine." You wouldn't play poker with someone like that, would you? Similarly, don't go in to a job interview with someone like that. And furthermore, it's a red flag for how the company treats their employees. Run far, run fast.

Actually, many job listings include a salary range, so they've already shown you their cards.

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