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Comment Re:I know I'm being selfish, but... (Score 2) 331

That was my first thought, too - if this is successful, it may change the nature of "programming", but won't obviate the job classification. What it WILL do, which CASE tools, and UML, and DSL's, and "AngularJS" and every other miracle time-saving product did, is convince people who don't know how to use those tools that a) programming is easy-to-trivial and b) should be more or less a minimum-wage type of paper-pushing task. The reality is, all of these things actually end up making programming mentally harder, because you have to understand what those tools are doing on your behalf in order to troubleshoot them when they don't do what they should have done, but I don't see that resonating with the Illiterati that are running the show these days.

Comment Re:oddly (Score 1) 118

It is *always* a good candidate's market.

You're giving hiring authorities too much credit, assuming that they can tell good candidates from bad ones. They look at: a) where you went to college and b) the reputation of the companies that you've worked for in the past. Beyond that, they'll bring you in for a couple of string-reversal-on-the-white-board brainteasers.

Comment Re:uhh... (Score 1) 271

I interviewed for a position with a major airline a few years ago. The job listing had a long laundry list of qualifications - probably about 15 or so "required" skill sets, and another 15 "preferred". I had every single one, required AND preferred. Plus a Master's degree in CS. Plus prior experience in travel. Airline specifically. They phone screened me, brought me in for an onsite, brought me back for ANOTHER onsite... and then never got back in touch. Something fishy's going on.

Comment Re:It's OK to hit a racist (Score 1) 271

How is this racist?

It's the one and only page from the liberal playbook - if you disagree with something or somebody, call it racist. It's like Mr. Miyagi's crane technique - "if do right, no can defense." It's been working for them so well for the last fifty years, why would they try anything else?

Comment Re:Deadlines (Score 4, Insightful) 229

After I graduated college and started working, I began to notice a pattern in the jobs I got: I'd start out doing work and producing stuff, and the people around me would start to notice that I was good at doing work and producing stuff, and that I seemed to know a lot of stuff (I love to study arcane details like how TCP/IP or SSL work, so I can often troubleshoot unusual problems), so they would start asking for my help. I would help more and more with other things, and spend less and less time doing work and producing stuff. So I'd start to get criticism for not doing work and producing stuff ("on time and under budget, you programmer peon, and if you don't like it there's a hundred guys in India who will do your job for half what I pay you!"), so I'd yo-yo back to turning away requests for help so that I could focus on doing work and producing stuff, only to get criticism for not being a good team player. (Funny how "team work makes the dream work" but we're evaluated only on our own individual accomplishments)

Since being a good team player is the polar opposite of adhering to arbitrary deadlines, I've experimented both ways over the past 25 years and I've come to the conclusion that being ready and willing to drop everything and helping out whoever needs or asks for your help is what makes you "valuable", not slavishly adhering to meaningless deadlines, regardless of how you think the world ought to work.

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