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Comment Re: As a Canadian... (Score 1) 187

(Stupid touch screen)

All four of us are planning to spend 10 days in Nevada.

I'm coming with real money to spend on frivilous crap because I can.

Why make it difficult?

I'm white, of British and Scottish descent, with no religious affiliation. I dont really expect too many problems, but the idea that it might makes me reconsider this trip.

Comment Re: Nice. (Score 1) 183

In some cases, yes. Here in Canada they are much more few and far between. The vast majority of the Prime Eligible products are sold directly by

I would hope Amazon would punish sellers doing anything fraudulent, or not treating their customers well. After all, Amazon is the one advertising the products, and fulfilling the orders. They will receive the backlash if a customer is unhappy.

Comment Re: TransferWise is not the first (Score 1) 33

If I'm not mistaken, those are just Interac eTransfers.

Every Financial Institution in Canada supports them. Some charge a small fee ($1-$2) to send them. Some allow you to send them free. Some give you a certain number of them for free per month. But it's always free to receive.

The difference with this TransferWise thing, is that it works internationally, which you can not do with Interac eTransfers, and that's kinda cool. It certainly looks easier than Paypal, but I havent looked much further than the TransferWise home page.

Comment Re: Nice. (Score 3, Interesting) 183

I live in a smallish town in Saskatchewan, Canada. All of the small shops closed up shortly after Walmart moved in 17ish years ago. I find Amazon to be the lesser of the two evils in this situation. Plus Amazon has a much bigger selection than the local Walmart, and I'm not really willing to drive an hour away to buy stuff in the next town over unless I desperately need something that day.

With that said, I do my best to support the local businesses I can. I buy meat from the local butcher, eggs and other produce from local farmers market, go to the smaller independent grocery store over the big box chain, pet food and supplies from the local pet store, etc.

Comment Re:Backported to 2.6? (Score 1) 90

The problem is all of the mainstream distributions have made systemd a requirement.

So some users are opting to stick with older releases to avoid systemd, and that means losing out on new kernel features.

As I mentioned in my other comment, some distributions do not require systemd, and still offer modern kernels.

Comment Re: Backported to 2.6? (Score 4, Informative) 90

Running 4.9 on 4 physical machines in my home. And also running 4.9 on over a dozen VMs in a datacenter without systemd.

There are a few distributions that don't push it down your throat. There are even a few others that offer (optional) alternative kernels and init systems.

Personally I use funtoo.

Take a look at for more.

Comment Re:Remote workers (Score 1) 158

I'm self employed and work from my home office.

I set my own hours and basically do whatever I want so long as the clients are happy.

Generally my week days goes like so:
- 7:00am get up, shower, get myself ready
- 7:45am get the kids up, check sons blood-glucose, administer meal time insulin, feed kids breakfast, get them ready for school
- 8:40am take the kids to school
- 9:00am sit down at my desk, work or play on computer (depending on workload and mood)
- 11:30am go pick up my daughter, check my sons blood-glucose and administer lunch time insulin
- 12:00 noon lunch for myself and my daughter, my son stays at school
- 1:00pm-ish get back to my desk, my daughter will possibly bother me all afternoon. Some days she leaves me alone
- 3:30pm pick up my son from school, begin planning supper
- 5:00pm-6:00pm cook supper, check sons blood glucose, administer meal time insulin, feed kids
- 8:00pm check sons blood-glucose, administer basal insulin, bedtime for both kids
- 8:30pm after kids finally in bed, sleeping, go back to office and work some more, sometimes I'll sit in the living room and put on Netflix in the background and use the laptop to casually work on something, or muck about on the web.
- 2:00am-4:00am go to bed

My wife's work schedule is all over the place, but she's in there too depending if she works or not, or what shift she's stuck with. If she's home during the day I'll spend time with her in the morning instead of work if I can get away with it. I'll forward my office phone to my cell if we leave the house.

Weekends are a free for all. I'll squeeze in some work if it needs to get done.

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