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Comment Re:the real reasons for this (Score 1) 403

... 4. predatory culture of consumption. ... In the US its not uncommon for a security guard making $13 an hour to drive a Lexus or Acura luxury sedan...

So, that is part of the problem. People living beyond their means. I make a lot more than that security guard and we drive a 10 year old Toyota. Works well. No debt. No major concerns.

Comment And who is putting a gun to people's heads? (Score 1) 219

Sorry, I don't give a rat's a$$ for this. The cable tv can charge anything they want, I am not buying. You don't like it, don't buy it. It is not a human necessity to have cable. Entirely optional. I have not had cable for 25 years (except for brief 1 month periods every 4 years for the world cup). Stop whining and get a life.

Comment Wow! Google is getting creepier and more stupid! (Score 2) 91

This is incredible... why in the world would I want to allow a single-point compromise (i.e., hacked phone) result in total control of all of my accounts? Creepy and stupid. I really think google developers are out of control. The company products are getting less and less attractive.

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