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Comment Re:preposterous! (Score 4, Funny) 263

Some pieces of software are just the recipients of more cosmic rays than others. For example, Windows 3.1 used to attract ultra high energy cosmic rays from as far away as Mars and for a time was making astronomers lives difficult due to the showers of particles released when many of those rays would strike molecules in the atmosphere instead of the Microsoft copyrighted code they were aiming for. Other software that attracts higher than normal numbers of cosmic rays are the Therac-25 and Diebold voting machines.

Comment Global Tectonic Events (Score 1) 136

From the statement that 'four of Iceland's largest volcanoes are showing signs of impending eruption' it sounds like that is unusual. I wondered if there were other signs of tectonic activity so I went to the USGS site at and downloaded some data. It would only let me download 20,000 events to a CSV so I took all data since 1/1/98 of 6.5+ on the Richter scale. Once that is thrown into a pivot table and a regression analysis done, it shows a very clear time linear regression of increasing moderate-intensity earthquake activity over the last 20 years. If this apparent trend is not a statistical fluke then let us hope it is due to some natural process and not a particle collider produced microscopic black hole oscillating back and forth through the earth's core exponentially accreting mass like this guy claims since we don't actually know if Hawking Radiation is real and if it is how quickly it would make a black hole evaporate.

Comment Re: he bet on the winner (Score 1) 820

President Trump could loosen regulations on coal as a short term way to pump life back into the Appalachian economy where he has lots of support. But to stay true to those supporters over time he needs to supplant that industry with others. If many, stable, well paying jobs are created there, those ex-coal miners will have no reason to bemoan the loss of jobs in a dirty, dying, and dangerous business.

Comment Re:Wrong targets (Score 4, Funny) 206

Relax. It's just fun-spirited hijinks from those crazy guys over at Sun. It's like that time that Scott McNealy and Jonathon Schwartz snuck into the Microsoft headquarters and kidnapped Goatly, the Microsoft mascot, right before their big Windows ME launch. But then the goat ate a stack of Solaris installation diskettes in the closet where they hid it, and got so sick they thought it was going to die. So they had to return it before anyone found out but old Mr. Balmer caught them and made them promise never to do anything like that again. Those kooky kids!

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