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Comment Re:It should be shaped more like a cooling tower. (Score 2) 138

Well aaaaactually...

For the convective flow of heat at the base, the diameter is unusually large. As the convective flow higher up is accumulated, the diameter is narrower in relation to the amount of heat energy which has built up. At the top, the accumulated heat would be enormous, the grand total, and yet the diameter is ridiculously small to accommodate that amount of hot air.

The only thing the design is missing is a server-less chimney stack on the very top, which would correspond the the nearly cylindrical upper 2/3 of a cooling tower.

So yeah, you're right, he hasn't got a clue.

Comment Re:Heat (Score 1) 138

I'm currently in cloudy Tucson, where solar could easily be used to power this thing. So long as the hardware is designed to run hot (which it is), heat dissipation would not be a problem. The architects are simply re-using a portion of Paolo Soleri's work, which can be seen a couple of hundred miles north of here in the Sonoran Desert.

Comment Re:Not everybody eats just junk food (Score 1) 123

So you like burritos... (Hint: maybe stick to the theme of food analogies.) Google News is your friend for cooking your own news dish.

The extension is that, some people like to eat at decent sit-down restaurants (mainstream news and analysis, non-tabloid); others will eat at a bar while a band is playing (watch the same channel or channels for entertainment, with news as part of that entertainment); others swear by the scruffy little Italian-Korean fusion place around the corner (local paper with web & social media presence); while still others love the exclusive upscale seafood restaurant (subscription only news service).

The thing is, junk food is popular because it's ubiquitous and cheap, not because it's junk. And whatever is ubiquitous and cheap will become popular. If the news media were to set higher minimum standards, this would cost more money, and there would be room for something cheaper.

TL;DR: waaaa!

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