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Comment Re:send em to Hawaii (Score 1) 274

Assuming that would work, it would be quite difficult to do so on an industrial scale safely and efficiently. How do you get the trash into the lava? You can't build a road above it to dump them in. Dropping them in by helicopter, one shipping container at a time, might be possible, but I'm not sure how safe or efficient that would be. Probably the best bet would be to determine where the lava is likely to flow in a future eruption, and just build a big warehouse there to store them until it comes.

Now I would love to see the environmental impact study.

What all sorts of hazardous waste would this work for? What would it not work for? I expect one big problem is vaporizing metals, resulting in acid rain, so it would probably mean you couldn't use it for anything with mercury. The end result may be rules similar to what can go in an incinerator, making the lava approach useless.

Comment Re:Think of it this way - a cable costs what, $10? (Score 1) 79

A cable often costs $0.76 on eBay if you get a cheap on shipped from China. (They're often priced at $0.99 Canadian with shipping.) You can find charging pads for $5, but most are around $12.

Apple moving into the market will only drive down the price of compatible chargers. Sure, Apple might charge $50 or more for their charging pad, but there's no reason to buy theirs.

Comment Worst Offenders (Score 3, Interesting) 85

What sites are still the worst offenders?

I'll start by nominating amazon.com. Sure, they use https for the actual transaction portion, but every product page you look at is unencrypted. I'm sure every ISP out there is tracking their user's Amazon browsing to create advertising profiles. Verizon certainly is. Why should Amazon give them this information for free?

What will it take for Amazon to fix their site? What if an ISP started injecting ads into Amazon? It would be just a small step from the tracking they already do. I would love to see Verizon or Comcast do that. (Mainly because it would push more sites to use encryption.)

Comment Why this is sad (Score 1) 50

Why do we care when celebrities die? People make a big deal out of it, and I've come to the conclusion that there are two good reasons:

1) When an artist (actor, singer, etc.) produces work that touches our lives, they've become a part of our culture. When we die, we mourn because that work became a part of us. This is, from another perspective, the same reason we get upset about alterations to movies like Star Wars and E.T.--it's not just some movie owned by someone else, but a part of our culture and a part of us.

2) When an artist dies who is still actively producing work, we mourn for the work we will never be able to see. It's one thing when a retired actor dies, it's another thing when we were looking forward to their next movie or the next season of their television show. If not for this cancer, we might still be seeing John Hurt for another decade, but now we won't.

Comment Roads belong underground (Score 2) 184

I've long thought that ultimately roads should be underground. I would absolutely love to live in a subdivision with underground roads. Think how wonderful it would be to walk outside your house and only have walking and bicycle paths! In the winter, you would never have to worry about icy roads or snow plows, which also means you would have vastly fewer potholes in the roads.

We've already learned to put much of our other infrastructure underground. My neighborhood has all the wires buried. The only reason older neighborhoods still have above ground wires is the cost of burying them.


Yup, that's the only problem here. I fear that even if the boring of the tunnel were free, the cost of tunnels would be prohibitive in most situations (you have to build a secure wall and ceiling, and you have to install a ventilation system along with lighting). I suppose if your boring machine had a built-in fusion reactor, it could melt what it bores through and create a nice solid shell and even leave a nice road surface. If you only allow electric cars in the tunnels, you can forego the ventilation system.

I think this is still science fiction for now, but if anyone can figure out how to make it work with technology that can be built today, it's Elon Musk.

Comment Change how tickets are sold (Score 5, Interesting) 221

If the tickets are being sold for $60, but people are willing to pay $150, then why aren't they offered first for $150? I see the big problem being the middlemen sucking money out without adding value. Let the entertainers get that money.

If I were in charge of tickets for something like a pro sports team, the system I would use would be to put the tickets on sale at some ridiculous price, and announce that the price would drop 1% every four hours, or something like that. Then if you want the perfect seats and don't care that they're $1000, you can get your pick on the first day. Wait a few weeks, and they're $500. Wait until the day of the game, and anything left is $20. There's no need to set different prices on the better seats--they will sell earlier at a higher price.

A system like that would make scalping at a profit nearly impossible.

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