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Comment Re:Parts (Score 2) 381

Anyway, my question is: what is MMIX, and how does it differ with MIX which was rather limited, even for the 6502 programmer I was at the time ?

MMIX is a 64 bit RISC-like processor that reflects where CPUs were headed in the 1990-2000 time frame. I found the algorithms coded in MMIX assembler to be much easier to understand than the original MIX versions. There are one or more simulators and tool sets available for it if you want to actually test some code.

Comment Re:Motion Sickness (Score 2) 233

I get motion sick if I try to read anything (book, map, phone, computer) in a moving car or train.

I also suffer from motion sickness, but sometimes I can manage to read in the morning on a regional bus route if the bus suspension and the road surface are in good condition and traffic is not stop and go. Later in the day there is no way I can do that. I expect it would be the same in an autonomous vehicle, so I probably wouldn't gain much time, if any.

Comment Re: Old school reflective lcd (Score 1) 294

5 minutes & a screwdriver will easily fix that switch...

Its worse than that. The only fixture in the room is one of those old lights with the small two prong shaver style outlet included in the light housing. Until I get the enthusiasm to start dismantling walls to install outlets and retile, etc.

Comment Re: Old school reflective lcd (Score 3, Informative) 294

... or mounted with LEDs facing away from people: not in a location where the LEDs will be visible from a sleeping area.

I've been bothered by the LED on my cordless toothbrush flashing during its charge cycle, even while the (green) LED was facing away from my bed directed at a light colored wall. My master bath has an outlet that is only energized when the light fixture is on, so I either have to charge it in the bedroom during the day or take it into another room if it needs to be charged overnight. The blue lights from my workstation in another room are clearly visible at night in my bedroom if the doors to the rooms are open. Like others have mentioned, I've resorted to using colored vinyl tape to cover the overly bright LEDs on things to reduce the intensity to something reasonable.

Comment No wonder they are looking for more things to do (Score 1) 183

From the link about the lawn mowing:

Posti has developed new home-delivered services to add more work to mail delivery operations,” the statement said. “Traditional mail volumes are falling, but mail routes nevertheless reach some 2.8 households on every weekday.

If I only delivered to 2.8 households each week day, I'd have a lot of spare time on my hands too.

Comment Re:Empathy (Score 1) 460

Fortunately, things were a bit slower back then and glob ordering being what it is I was able to ctrl-C it before it got further than /bin. With rcp being in /usr/bin/, I was able to (carefully) recover from another system.

I also did that years ago on a Sun 1 system, only got part way through /bin. Recovered the contents of /bin from a release tape. Learned to be a bit careful after that.

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