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Comment Re:Seriously... (Score 1) 49

Amazon's pretty good.

They make it easy to browse and discover content. They also have suggestions (if you like this, you might like that). Certainly they have a top N list, but it's certainly not as important to have your book in the top N as it is on an app store.

Comment Re:with enough chances, all coincidences are shall (Score 1) 124

This reminds me of a scam I heard about years ago.
1) Pick 1024 victims
2) Pick 1 volatile stock
3) To 512 victims, say the price will go up, to the others, say it will go down
4) Wait 5 days, then pick the half which were right
5) GOTO 2 (ok, you could use recursion instead, or a loop)
6) When you get to 8 victims, point out that you've been 100% accurate 6 times in a row and get them to invest a lot of money
7) Profit!

Comment Re:Don't like man pages. (Score 1) 769

Here's a real world example which came up yesterday:

% man getpagesize

... The function getpagesize() returns the number of bytes in a page, where a "page" is the thing used where it says in the description of mmap(2) that files are mapped in page-sized units. ...

I guess you can decipher this, but perhaps they should use a weaker cipher for writing docs.

Comment Re:Nothings perfect (Score 1) 483

Yes, I've only seen the problems under the VM (I haven't had the opportunity to install on real hardware yet). It could be that the VM graphics drivers aren't playing nice with KK (or vice versa).

I have run Jaunty, Hardy, Dapper, FC, and other distributions without any issues on the same VM, so my suspicions are that it might be something with KK. But I don't know for certain.

I have faith that the final release of KK will work swimmingly and I look forward to it.

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