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Comment Re:Life imitating art (Score 1) 265

Especially since there was a 6 year interval between the Apollo-Soyuz mission in 1975 and the first flight of the Columbia orbiter in 1981.

Was there as much much hand-wringing about not being able to launch a guy ourselves then? No.

Actually, Yes, there was.

It just wasn't on twitter (which didn't exist yet). 8-P

Comment Re:Down the rabbit hole (Score 1) 311

Not only do the retailers have to pay full price for the terminals, the new terminals do not all have the software drivers to handle chipcards (even now)!

But it is not just the cost of the terminals, but that the agreement for the old terminals was changed.

I'm with you: Sell new terminals at the option of the buyer, buyer should pay. But mandate new terminals, then the provider should pay!

Comment Re:Make your own (Score 1) 261

How about the community with all its great moders, designers, texturers, etc. work on its own game? Call it FreeSky or OpenSpace (maybe not), and implement every feature you wanted in the game from the start, instead of trying to force those down a game that's not designed for it.

I hear that Elite-dangerous is at least trying.

But the one I play is X-Rebirth and earlier X3-Terran conflict. Egosoft has been working on big space games for 25 years, and they have a lot of stuff working. But no multi-player.

Comment Re:The real (and very bad) message: no updates (Score 1) 250


Please show me this amazing code you have written that has zero bugs ever and runs flawlessly in scenarios you had no way of imagining when you wrote it.

If it works for what you need, then by definition it has no serious bugs.
Risking useful operation by installing updates is not usually a good idea.
Updating everything, all of the time, is something pushed by the corporate "control freaks".

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