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Comment Re:So what? (Score 1) 430

They do, but just as CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, NPR, CBS, HuffPost, Salon, Mic, Vox, Rolling Stone, and Mother Jones, etc.. all lean left, from slightly left of center, to completely out of the ballpark.
It really needs to stop all around with the over-editorializing and partisanship. Newspapers should stop endorsing candidates, and stick to non-partisan objective reporting. But it'll never happen, because sensationalism sells.

Comment Re:Now watch Hillary shills circlejerk in approval (Score 2) 315

Well, that would be fair turnabout for all the Clinton/Bernie supporters who attack Trump supporters, steal their signs, and vandalize GOP campaign offices, but I don't think they've sunk as low as that in that regard. If anyone has lived up to the Brown shirts ideal this election, it's been the Leftists, because actions speak louder than words.

Comment Re:Why is nobody mentioning the content (Score 1) 394

Not if those messages outright contradict. That's not "tailoring" a message, that's lying, and it's especially not the same circumstance as some average Joe who yaks to his bar buddies, and someone who's currently running for high office; or would you like to use that defense for Trump too? He wasn't running for office 11 years ago, and maybe he was just talking smack, bragging to "bar buddies", "tailoring his message" to look more suave to them. Don't buy that? Good. Neither do I, but neither do I buy Hillary's innocence either.
BTW, nice ad-hominem dig in there to anyone who doesn't support your goddess as "small minded folk" and "anti-intellectual" (sounds Obama-esque). Why just insult the candidate you don't like when you can insult the people who won't support your pick as well?

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