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Comment TW3 (TWTWTW) (Score 1) 294

That Was The Week That Was (UK)
That Was The Week That Was (US)
The Daily Show with *
The Onion
Fox News

As long as we all can see the difference between satirical news coverage
(which tends to bend the facts a bit (left/right it doesn't matter)) for the laugh
and bs stories passed off as "hard news". We can't as a platform. We all just
gotta pay more attention.

Comment "Job Creator" opens mouth... (Score 1) 653

Reviled and suddenly unemployable, Gopman spent a quixotic year spinning up businesses to solve homelessness. His journey is weirdly emblematic of today's startup-fueled San Francisco.

"quixotic", "solve Homlessness". No bias here.

Poor people and homelessness isn't a bug of capitalism. It is a feature.

Comment Re:In other words. (Score 1) 288

Definitely not as easy as making a photo copy. Maybe they could let her pay to hire someone to sort through, find the right roll (without damaging anything), then carefully unroll and photograph it for later study before re-rolling it?

It would be as easy as setting up a continuous feed scanner. The mechanical bits being the most problematic. And the added benefit of creating machine readable output.

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