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Comment DoucheLens (Score 0) 62

Like with every solution with HoloLens this will make you look like a douche.

Normal video conferencing: two or more groups of people seeing each other over a remote distance.
Video conferencing with a partner using HoloLens: Cool 3D for a single individual, but all the others see a douche wearing a HoloLens.
Video conferencing where all partners use HoloLens: All douches see the other douches wearing their HoloLens.

Comment Re:Launched? Unveiled? (Score 2) 378

Too bad even Microsoft cannot keep the colors in sync on their own homepage.

Of the four logos on the first page, plus the "official print" (in jpeg, mind you) logo, each of them used different colors. The green was most apparent (of course) and it is easy to see the difference between the images, but even the other colors differ.

Comment Re:Unusable microsoft software as usual. (Score 5, Informative) 346

This is probably due to the Silverlight initialization Javascript which only works on Windows for IE, Firefox, and on OS-X for Safari. Unless the Silverlight initialization Javascript is updated on the webserver which hosts the Silverlight application, which I doubt Microsoft will do, there is almost no way that this will work in Moonlight.

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