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Comment Re:Yikes (Score 1) 616

The difference is that the massive collection of classes in java are built in the language itself. You don't happen to bump on a Java deployment without them. When you plan a large scale deployment on an heterogeneous base, these kind of stuff matters a lot.

Anyway. It seems that some people took a nice opportunity to talk about differences and threw it away, feeling personally attacked by my point of view. I even got my (first) enemy. Hows is that? As this is not my intention, I will stop replying to this thread.

As a proof that it is not my intention to troll. I kept replying under my id to the end, which is not the case for some other people. The way this thread when is why I spent much less time on Slashdot and its comment session.

Comment Re:This proves the old adage (Score 1) 248

I have to disagree. There is a proof of concept behind this that should be done and kudos for the guy to do it on the most classic FPS on history. Wolfenstein was not good enough and duke nukem, quake, heretic, ROT all climbed over the giant's shoulder

Comment Re:Ughhhhhh (Score 2) 248

Its not ughhhh. Its old... :-) You should look what lies behind the bad graphics: playability, balance, level design, enemy design, etc. IMO, this game has some of the best level designs in game history.

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