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Comment Re: Great idea... But there is a problem... (Score 1) 303

visibility is a couple kilometers

First, thanks for your very interesting posts. Do you mean visibility at ground level or at the altitude where the pressure is 1atm ? If the former, then why did the Russian probes only show pictures with about one meter of visibility ?
Personally I really liked the idea put forward at the end of K.S.R.'s Blue Mars: put a gigantic thin (monomolecular) film at L1 between Venus and the sun to lower the solar input and let Venus atmosphere condense to the ground.

Comment Re:Holy communion in space (Score 2) 154

Yeah, I don't really understand this rule. It's not like you pee alcohol after drinking it, it's transformed by the body (acetaldehyde, then acetyl).

Also I tested a water recycler for a year while in Antarctica, which was intended for space use (it was an ESA model, probably different from the NASA one), and there was no limit to the amount of alcohol we could drink (fortunately!!!), yet the only issue was with some shampoo and urine: we had to use the officially sanctioned shampoo and we were forbidden to pee in the shower ! Well, now that I think of it, it could have been due to the high alcohol content ! No, seriously, IIRC it was the urea which would damage the reverse osmosis filters.

Comment Re:Follow Proper Procedure: Call Company's Legal D (Score 1) 627

Now, slightly different case. Hear me out:
- You work for a FOREIGN gov agency on critical material (say nuclear for instance)
- You are invited to the US for a collaboration, so you take work (encrypted) laptop with you.
- You are not allowed by your gov to give access to anyone
- At US border, TSA asks for access.
What do you do ? What CAN you do ?

Comment Re:Slight pet peeve of mine-- (Score 4, Informative) 43

Color CCDs have several disadvantages over monochrome ones for science applications: lower sensitivity, bleeding, aliasing, complexity... So normally for color pictures in space, they simply use filters of various frequencies: R, G, B for color pics, but also IR, UV and various peak frequencies of interesting chemicals (very important for science). This way it's not just a camera, but a full on science measurement. Every space camera is used like that. But why wasn't it used here ? Simply because the relative motion was too fast: they already had to use a short exposure time in order not to get a blurry shot, but changing filters take time and the pics wouldn't match in later post-processing. This method only works for subjects that don't move (or if you don't move yourself).

Comment Re:Just what we needed (Score 1) 339

OK, I started reading the comments hoping to be enlightened about what "Concepts" are (Gee, another common word reused to mean something else, it's going to be great searching for that on Google), but you are the only one who even mentioned it. Everybody else is too busy fighting about the bloating of C++.
So I'll ask: what are Concepts ?!? And please talk to me like I'm a stupid C programmer...

Comment Which is why... (Score 1) 70

...we need the ability to disable permissions right upon installation of the app. When android says the app requires wifi password, camera, SD card access, your firstborn, address book access and more, there should be a box next to the permission to disable right then. I know there are apps that allow you to do that, but you need to remember to run them afterwards, you need root, and you need to redo it in case of upgrade.

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