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Comment Re:Just hang on till EU self-exterminates (Score 0) 155

That's President Clown to you.

I just wish someone could force him to take a course where he learns to differentiate between what has happened in the past, what is happening now and what hasn't actually happened (either in the past or is a future event).

After that, some kind of communication course, where he learns to write and/or say what he actually means.

For an advanced course, down the road, he can work on figuring out how to differentiate truth from fiction.

Comment Re:"Robot Tax"? (Score 2) 72

Well, the people with the money don't really care about basic gov't services and definitely don't want to pay for them. They would MUCH rather just live in a separate area where they only pay for their own services (or even better, the gov't pays for them), and nobody else can use "their" stuff, like their roads, buildings, schools, hospitals.

They are willing to pay for the 90% to go somewhere else and fight a war, as long as not very many of them come back.

Comment Re:Spillway was damaged with a bomb, wake up peopl (Score 0) 100

It totally is Trumps fault, because if he had been paying federal taxes like he is supposed to, like EVERYBODY ELSE, the gov't could have afforded to fix this problem 10 years ago. But no, he refused to pay his taxes, and now he wants to give himself a yuge tax break. Of course, he has to ask Putin for permission...

Comment Re:Alternatives (Score 1) 476

No, these people already HAVE visa's. They've been coming and going for years, but suddenly have been barred from reentering the US. Same with people who already have green cards and have been turned away.

Maybe if T had, say, consulted a lawyer or two instead of Breibart, the order might still be in force. And maybe if he had talked with someone at DHS ahead of time, it wouldn't have been an absolute clusterfuck being implemented.

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