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Comment Re:From the article (Score 2) 297

In the "beige box is not the hard drive and the LCD screen is not the computer" sense of right.
Haven't you kids heard of fog? If you are not kids - shame on you. The idiot in the article is a Lawyer with a network of old buddies of the family from birth and a $44 million dollar golden parachute but you guys are supposed to get exposed to some sort of STEM if you want to eat.

Comment Re:Budget and Timelines (Score 3, Interesting) 297

With respect (fuck I have to use that a LOT here these days - check out the UK series "Yes Minister" for an explanation why) since the US nuclear industry has been in close to a state of statis since the late 1970s there will be very little to change. Major players (Westinghouse et al) lobbied hard AGAINST the Clinton era Thorium research and hounded the guy who was running it out of the industry. The nuclear lobby ate it's own children. Far more money has been spent on PR than R&D, a total waste since people do not trust the spin about the older technology and that money could have been spent on developing something worth cheering for instead.
The only reason we have any advances at all is because Westinghouse bought a Japanese company that was doing R&D until they were bought out.
It's so slow moving that pretty well anything designed after the wake-up call of Three Mile Island is going to be good enough today.

Comment Re:From the article (Score 4, Informative) 297

Steam? Do you burn yourself on misty mornings?
It's really fog and nothing like steam at all. It's all just warm (~40C) droplets of water coming off the condensate that has come out of the condensors (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thermal_power_station#Steam_condensing) before going into the cooling towers (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cooling_tower).

Comment Bad regulation is bad, but some rules are OK (Score 3, Interesting) 297

The idiot there is the guy (not you obviously) that didn't put a date on the end of the specified standard to be used in the designs/legislation/whatever. With respect that's a newbie mistake. Standards change. If you don't refer to the one you actually mean and leave things open to referring to one that has not been written yet it's pretty obvious that things are going to go wrong someday. This fuckup looks like what happens when you get office workers with English Lit. degrees to do an engineers job.
As a former member of ASTM (I stopped paying the fees about 15 years ago) I'm a bit curious as to why the ASME standard was used instead of ASTM which has the advantage of being more recognized internationally so would vastly increase the pool of potential suppliers.

Comment Re:Nuclear research needed! (Score 1) 297

If made into small

Nuclear, like all thermal power, is only really useful when you scale up. Double the size of a solar panel and you get twice the power, but double the size of a thermal power unit and you get more than twice the power for a lot of reasons (such as a lower percentage of losses - getting turbines moving with a LOT of low pressure steam instead of them staying still with only a little bit of steam from the same pressure). If you want nukes it only makes sense to have them at huge scales unless you are driving a ship or something.
However that doesn't mean you can't have little pebble bed or whatever reactors, it just means that you have enough of them close to a turbine to provide it with vast amounts of steam.

Comment Re:The problem with the new plants (Score 4, Insightful) 297

The whole idea with the next gen plants was standardized design an a combined construction operating license, which would keep costs down

That's what the economists think but they've missed out a very important step the engineers know. You need R&D and pilot plants so that you can design a GOOD standardized design before you build a lot of them. Otherwise your standardized design costs a fortune in the long run from retrofitting a lot of units each time you find a problem.
Instead of that the R&D money got blown on PR (probably literally on hookers and blow for Senators) and we have nothing to build on apart from reactors from the 1970s and imported Japanese technology (Westinghouse made up for their lack of R&D spending by taking advantage of the Japanese taxpayer instead).
Maybe we will be like the UK and just give up and buy Chinese?

Comment Re:From the article (Score 0) 297

I'm certain that he doesn't actually know any better and that's the sort of people running these things now.
A "business expert" who knows nothing about managing the thing he is in charge of and hopes he has lucked out and picked the right underlings, because he would have no idea personally if they are fir for the job or not.

Comment From the article (Score -1, Troll) 297

"If you're in the nuclear business, the sight behind me is a lovely sight," Johnson said. "It's a sight we've been waiting for some years to see, which is steam coming out of both cooling towers

Where do they get these people? The guy running the show may know business but if he thinks that's steam he knows fuckall about nuclear or power generation at all. He should ask a high schooler to tell him about cooling towers.

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