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Comment Re:Ya, Sure, So What's Slowing Owners Up? (Score 2) 940

Those machines do exist, and they are being phased into production for the sole purpose of keeping labor costs in-line with product prices. The issue is that with the forced increase in minimum wage, the adoption rate will be higher.

Regarding Papa John getting his panties in a twist, his company is actually good to work for. I spent a few years in college delivering pizza for them, and they were good to the people. I can't speak personally for him, but I believe he does see the value of having employees, but there is a price point where a decision has to be made: automation or personnel, and $15.00/hr is going to push for the former. Don't believe me...try opening your own food business and see where you end up because if you have to choose between making money to keep the doors open by adopting automation and eventually you will, or going bust...well, yeah.

Comment Re:Okay! Let me shed a tear for Apple! (Score 1) 270

I would agree that I am speaking without knowing all of the facts. I do find it interesting that Apple has a hard time finding talent to work for them though. I just wonder if they thought about opening an engineering center somewhere else than Cupertino since that is obviously an area where good talent is at a premium due to so many tech businesses.

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