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Comment yes, just like Nina Reiser claimed .... (Score 1) 666

that Hans Reiser was an abusive asshole. i mean, where was the hard evidence? other than her bloody body lying in a trash dump a few months later, how was anyone to know the guy was guilty?

yes, why not have millions of people calling you a fucking whore piece of shit slut lying cunt bitch, on the internet? its a great career move for her small business. to beat herself in the face and then lie about it.

Comment attempted murder is not 'drama' (Score 2) 666

attempeted murder is attempetd murder, and self defense is self defense. why would i post someting so strong?

its called a "pre-emptive strike" against all the rape apologists on slashdot and in the tech "community" in general. hit them fast, hit them hard, hit them first. you either believe people have a right to defend themselves against a violent assault, or they dont. its not drama, its not a disagreement. its a fucking attempted murder at a security con.

if you dont want to talk about attempted murder in the "tech community" then go fucking read ars technica. you can find a great new review of the hottest new video game.

Comment actually you are condoning violence (Score 1) 666

its called "self defense", to kill someone who is trying to kill you.

this man was trying to kill her. he beat her in the face. she had no idea how many times he would do it, or how far he would go.

she defended herself.

you are saying that she shouldnt have.

its life or death situation. you protect your own life, not the life of a scumbag criminal sociopath.

Comment it would be easy to gather the evidence (Score 0) 666

except for the international nature of the conference, they could look at the guys hands, etc, and substantiate the claims of the accuser.

from what she said, he attempeted to kill her. i would not blame her for blasting his fucking head and splattering it all over the room.

i know this is slahsdot, where the fucking shit bag Hans Reiser got defended even after he told the bodies where to dig up the disfigured corpse of his dead wife, but i dont fucking care. fuck slashdot and all the rapists and murderers who think they are too cool for justice.

when it comes down to your nerd rage rape fantasy veruses my dead body in a gutter, if someone attacks me and triees to kill me, im going to decpaitate them and stick their head on a fucking pole in front of the nearest tech convention and not feel bad about it. someone in the IT community needs to get the fucking message, and reasoned argument doesnt seem to persuade them.

Comment thats what you get for being stupid (Score 2) 173

for all their faults, ordinary banks, in general, do not like dealing with certain types of criminal customers.

there are a lot of checks and balances inside most banks regarding deposit accounts, and transfers between them. some of it is government regulation, some of it is just because banks dont like being ripped off or having their customers ripped off. no bank wants more regulation, but no bank wants to interface its internal systems to some fucking glorified drug-fencing operation. except maybe Wells Fargo.

everything that banks have learned for 500+ years about fraud would be thrown out the window here. it woudl be like the wild west.

if you want to interface your shit-hole experimental quasi-criminal fucktard financial system onto the First City Bank of Nowheresville, Kansas, then you need to just withdraw actual cash, and then give that cash to the bank. Don't try to fuck up grandma's soybean farm with this experimental bullshit.

now you of course want to say, look at all the de-regulation that caused the crash of 2008? well, none of that was really about bitcoin or ordinary banking activity, like deposit accounts. that 'normal banking' is still the fundamental piece of the banking system that has to act like a Water Utility in a modern society, allowing money to flow freely with a relatively stable value.

Comment i wonder if brin and page could pass these things? (Score 1, Insightful) 305

over and over you see in the tech industry these guys who work in fucking garages and could never make it through these bullshit processes, people like Woz, Jobs, Gates, Brin, Page, etc. none of those people would have been hired if they went through this shit.

it really begs the question. why even bother working for one of these bizarro bureaucratic shit holes? google is not a fucking good company, its a massive shit pile of bureaucratic horse pucky.

you know who said "NO" to the NSL letters from the FBI ? a little piss-ant ISP.

you know who said "YES SIR" ? Google. Thats your fucking innovation. Fucking google.

Fuck google. Fuck apple. Fuck microsoft.

Imagine all the time they waste on this HR bullshit that could be spent building stuff.

Start your own fucking company. These corporate douches can all eat shit.

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