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Comment How the F*** do you rideone of those holes down?!? (Score 1) 96

So instead of melting our own hole to Europa's ocean, we use on of these plume holes.

For simplicity sake, let's say the hole is perfectly smooth, no jiggered edges.
How the F*** do you go against that kind of pressure?
If the plume of water/slush ice is 100+ miles high, imagine the PSI!
You'd need something like a diving bell that stop the plume from spewing so that you can go down the hole.

Comment Re:What is going on here? (Score 1) 535

Microsoft is forcing Windows users to choose:
OPTION #1 - Free-Spy-on-me OS
      - or -
OPTION #2 - Pay-every-year OS

With Option #1, your data+metadata is sold to whoever will pay.

With Option #2, you must be smart enough to config your OS to get privacy but stupid/desperate enough to not seek options.

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