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Comment Plasma replacement (Score 2) 238

I've enjoyed a plasma TV for about 10 years and have been particularly unimpressed by the LCDs that superseded it. This year in Japan I saw the new generation of affordable OLEDs and realised that this is the technology that most likely will satisfy me. The colour is pretty close to correct (no I can't afford a Dolby monitor for home, though I have them at work). Without a reference white light (as used in my industry for accuracy), my eyes will adapt sufficiently to accept the small inaccuracies for home.

BTW for those with the "more resolution is better" obsession, I suggest you consider the frame-rate issue, in terms of quality perception. There have been many studies that suggest that extra bandwidth is better utilised in increasing frame-rate than absolute resolution.

Comment Re:"Refuses?" (Score 1) 295

Two things come to mind: 1. The LG service centre probably wanted to see the infection for themselves so they could learn how to help other customers who may have the same problem, and 2. After giving the TV a "first birthday" reset, there may be settings that they have to apply to make it customer-ready.

Comment Re:What about my 5C? (Score 1) 29

I took my 3-years old 5 to the Apple store (UK) last year with a swollen battery that was pushing the screen out of the bezel. I was expecting a repair bill, but was surprised that that they agreed to replace it for free. I was so pleased I bought a 6S for myself and gave the 5 to my wife to replace her ageing 3Gs. Everyone happy - including Apple!

Comment Re: What? (Score 2) 209

Looking further into it: You're right, his assets were frozen but enough was eventually released to meet the bail requirements. I've almost no doubt he did way was alleged - indeed it's said he modified one of his orders 7.5M times. What I'd like to know is how is this different from any other high frequency trading?

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