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Comment Re:Tit for tat (Score 4, Interesting) 574

While the phishing attack may have originated in Russia, I find it disingenious to portray everything as state sponsored when the evidence is weak at best. To me its something akin to suggesting we need to retaliate against Australia every time Julian Assange takes a leak.

Comment Re: Thanks to (Score 1) 637

I agree that the poster seems pretty angry, but the right doesn't have a monopoly on fear and hate and both extremes seem to thrive on division.
Two brands selling the same product: Hope, Dispair, and Vilification. What color do you want yours in?

Comment Re: What kind of stupid ass reporting is this?! (Score 2) 176

I think what the poster was suggesting is that including 3rd party app crashes in this statistic in the same way as battery failure may be a bit misleading given the overall theme... For instance did they add weight to the fact that iOS has more apps for which to crash and that people use their iOS devices more than people use Android? This could be important so maybe a weighted per app MTBF would be a better approach. Or anything else as arbitrary as the original study. Now that I think about it, perhaps replacement should count as failure...

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