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Comment Re:strange mentality of buyers (Score 1) 292

I think you are missing the anecdotal story's point. Even your post proves it. People love the operating system and will suffer hardware aneurysms just to get to that coveted OS. iPhone SE for you or the latest model iPhone 8 (in OP's story) to fix the problems but give you the OS. You suffer through a lack of features on your air to continue using OSX. OP and others don't want to switch to the Samsung or HTC lineup because HTC/Android is not as unified as iOS. You don't want to switch to Mint or Windows because they are not as polished as OS X.

I have even dumped my favorite KDE based distro because it just lacks the refinement that every closed-source desktop has provided.

Comment Re:Like it would have mattered (Score 3, Interesting) 176

you underestimate the free or low cost tenant agreements mobile providers are given by the universities. on my little podunk state-funded school, we had 8 base stations per building to ensure sufficient coverage. they would provide additional mobile base stations for larger activities such as graduation. you know the one commonality all these devices shared? a fiber connection back to a switch in a room they controlled and an rj45 that came out which we gladly provided free bandwidth on our (then) internet2 backhaul. 2 hops and they were directly on the federal and education funded backbone (of the time).

this was over 10 years ago. i'm pretty sure they (the mobile carriers) can handle the large^H^H^H^H^H relatively small gathering of people using data.


Comment Bait and switch? (Score 1, Interesting) 50

How are we ignoring the blatent false advertising. They had to have made fiscal projections which show its a money loser over the long term. This was entirely a marketing campaign for Amazon to hook more users onto its service and they should be. I'm so mad that I want to spend my money somewhere else, but it would appear amazon has a monopoly in this online retail market.


Comment Re:He's absolutely right (Score 1) 222

its okay because only you and a handful of others are doing that today. what happens tomorrow when everyone and their grandma are trying to stream netflix over mobile?

I'm not saying the marketing is disingenuous, i'm saying you need to be aware of a reality that unlimited data will not fly and throttling and other traffic shaping may become normal as we start tapping on the limits of wireless bandwidth. with that said, in less congested areas like suburbs, unlimited is likely already a reality since the cost of coverage and devices per square mile are much lower than your typical downtown urban environment.


Comment these new companies trying to get around old laws (Score -1) 261

these old laws were in place for a reason. having a new hip company come back at the expense of old slow legislation doesn't fix the problem that skipping the dealer allows the manufacturer to set the price. and they would never fix the price with a defacto monopoly, right? that epipen company is a perfect example of raising prices for reasons of costs. i'm sure tesla would never do such a thing.


Comment Re:Phones shouldn't be able to auto dial a number (Score 1) 44

I think we are forgetting how Malware and the nastier viruses work. Malware can and will override the OS's function which requires user input and instead returns a jump to its own code, which may do things like paint a fake image on the screen or otherwise make the user think nothing out of the ordinary is happening. Meanwhile your phone is initiating a call or text to E911.

Welcome to 1980's phreaking all over again.


Comment Re:This is the wrong answer (Score 1) 193

that is just time spent coding. designing and planning, as well as documentation, should be separate tasks. i.e. you should be tracking time for each. if you are tracking time for each and you are a large enough entity, then why not assign a resource (person) to each? now he or she may be called into planning meetings or clarification meetings with the technical writer but that should be charged to project overhead hours and not actual billable hours.

if you're a developer also acting as architect, also acting as release manager, also acting as technical writer, then you are probably doing it wrong :)

Comment Re: Er (Score 1) 623

No way. My car will light up and warn me with sounds when the road is curving too much for my speed. If my 3 year old $30k American car can falsely alert me of a truck carrying magnetic gravel as a wall in front of me and slam on my brakes, why the hell can't a $100k Tesla not do the same? Because the developers didn't know how to handle the scenario and decided to code it out.

Also, my dealer ingrained in my head that the auto stop is not magic and requires my constant attention even though I can take my hands and feet completely away from the car. Read that again, my dealer sat down and told me to always pay attention, keep my feet near the pedals and hands on the wheels. My Tesla owning friend was not given the same story.

So if Tesla had done what my primative car doess and mutes the stereo and flashing lights and loud sounds everywhere, I would have raised my head said "oh shit" slammed on the brakes and tried to avoid the trailer. Except my car would have been stopping already. Would I have hit? probably. Would I have a better chance of walking away? probably.

Comment Re: My tax dollars at work, coming to arrest me (Score 4, Interesting) 174

While now is a dubious time to load up on bitcoin (markets are shakey, looks like a price drop is incoming), it may be a good idea to start factoring it into your portfolio for future semi-anonymous payments.

Regardless what people say, you can have some form of anonyminity with bitcoin. It will require the use of a tumbler, but if you don't mind spending $100 on EC2 instances you can create your own very easily or use a decentralized mixing service like coinjoin.

I'm not saying move your life savings to bitcoin, that would be beyond stupid. But having 5% in bitcoin holdings may prove to be helpful if a modified version of this bill is passed in the future

Comment Re:He is lucky he did not get shot on the spot (Score 1) 235

It doesn't need to be clear case of murder to be a tragedy.

We have no idea if this man was really brandishing. From the video all you can establish is that this gentleman did not want to be put in handcuffs. I mean, race aside, would YOU want to be put in handcuffs simply because someone called the police anonymously and claimed you had a gun? Just turned out this man was black so it was justifiable that he may have a gun and he may use it. Because, you know, that's what they all do on rap videos.

As of now, the white man's terrorism is truly unstoppable.

I agree. It's the same problem we faced with the mob mentality in the 1920's, except we are funding this mafia.

Comment Re:He is lucky he did not get shot on the spot (Score 1) 235

Was he though? Or did this anonymous homeless gentleman say something to get this man who wouldn't give him $1 in trouble? Was there even an anonymous homeless gentleman? Finally, in what free American state can anonymous homeless gentlemen simply place an anonymous phone call to have police violate your rights? (hint: it's all of them)

Let me paint a different picture, based on reported facts so far.

Officers Blane Salamoni and Howie Lake were reportedly responding to a 911 call about a man threatening someone with a gun

This is a tough situation. Simply threatening someone has a gun will get a paramilitary response (did you see the officers that responded? they were MMA fighters)

before they arrived, but Muflahi said no one was waving a gun, certainly not Sterling.

Now what. A single phone call from an anonymous man claiming a gun can get a black man shot and killed. Read that again. I could anonymously call saying I saw you waving a gun around and a cop could be justified in shooting you if they find *something* on you that may or may not be a gun (i don't know about you, but I don't know what gun you can pull out of a pocket that you can conceal almost entirely in your hand.. check out the video again, freeze frame when the officer pulls something out of the dead man's pocket and try to tell me if that looks like a gun to you)

Also lets never forget this crucial eye witness testimony that was not even considered by the responding officers

Muflahi walked out the front door when he saw the officers talking to Sterling and said there was no “altercation,” as police claimed, until the cops tasered and tackled Sterling. That’s when Muflahi took out his phone and started recording.

You have the owner of the property telling you there was no altercation and yet here we have officers needing to taser and tackle. We see the gentleman slammed into the car and onto the pavement with the use of a taser as reports indicate. Then we see two big police officers on top of another big gentleman. We *HEAR* the police officers say "HE'S GOT A GUN" and then shots go off.

Let me paint a different picture for you.

Someone, not liking this Sterling gentleman, places an anonymous 911 call from a pay or burner phone. Peace officers arrive and engage in a tense and elevated manner leading to preemptive use of controlling tactics before talking to other witnesses at the scene. Once they have this Sterling gentleman on the ground, they are able to cover and shield his entire body for the safety of others as they claim he has a gun. They fire shots as they think this Sterling gentleman is reaching for a gun which an anonymous homeless person claimed he has previously brandished. The peace officers remove an object from his pocket leaving the sterling gentleman to bleed out and perish in front of said store owner who would call these same peace officers if any trouble occurred at his store (which he said, no such trouble existed at his store).

I will not speculate who this someone was that placed this 911 call, that is an exercise for the reader. But seriously think twice before walking near a homeless man with anything in your pocket, it may end your life. Also don't be black when walking around with things in your pocket.


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