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Comment Re:Creating Structural Monopoly (Score 1) 190

Apple is doing absolutely nothing to prevent you from buying any charger that you would like. Buy a Belkin, buy a whatever. As long as it puts out actual 5VDC and enough amps to activate the charging circuit, you'll be perfectly fine.

But if you buy some cheap piece of shit that spikes voltage and blows out your phone, Apple is going to say that you used a cheap piece of shit that voids your warranty, just like any other device manufacturer would, regardless of if it's a phone or not.

Oh, but it's Apple, so clearly they are monopolistic shitheads all of a sudden, even if this has been the case for literally decades of portable electronics.

Worse - they are being advertised as "genuine" Apple chargers

Comment Re:The Entitled generation (Score 1) 1080

Milennials don't support Socialism. They support being given everything they want without having to work for it and expecting someone else to pay for it.

If you ask a Milennial "How will we pay for giving everyone free homes, cars, food, education, power, water, heat, lights, gasoline/electricity charging, massages or whatever else they decide they want today" the answer will either be "increase taxes on "the rich" (let someone else pay for it)" or "I don't know/that's a good question.".

This. Definitely this.

If you ask them what they want, it's to be given free stuff. (Free for them - obviously someone has to work to supply it, just not them).

They have associated socialism with handouts. Free healthcare. Free education. Free housing. Free entertainment... the list goes on and on.


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