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Comment Re:Sources of Support (Score 1) 742

Mind you, he's wrong about that. If Hillary is elected, she can pardon herself quite legally, and there is ZERO chance of the Senate impeaching her.

The Senate doesn't impeach anyone. The House does. The Senate holds a trial to determine if the impeachment has merit and if it does it removes the offender from office.

Comment Re:Simple question (Score 1, Informative) 150

It also paves the way for solar satellites to harvest solar power and send it to non-polluting power stations on Earth, which can provide far more energy than is available from fossil fuels or fusion, and far more safely than fission.

Uh, solar power is simply redirected fusion. That is, after all, how the sun works.

Comment There's clickbait and there's CLICKBAIT. (Score 1) 50

Thiis isn't going to stop the clickbait headlines. This will however stop the article structure of having one sentence of content or a picture surrounded by 100 ads on the page with a tiny next page button hidden among a bunch of links to other sites. Frankly, I wish Facebook would simply block sites that structure their pages that way.

Comment Re:Were they collecting this data before? (Score 1) 50


99.99% of the time such data is only used in aggregate. There's just too much of it to act on it on a per individual basis. When it does get acted on that way, it's scary, and laws of what is and isn't allowed need to catch up to reality. Nothing you submit to Facebook is private - nothing. Operate under that assumption at all times.

Comment Re:The silver lining around every (mushroom) cloud (Score 1) 321

I've been of the opinion for some time that the solution lies in with China in this manner.

Here's what I think would work. Talk with the Chinese leadership and I bet they'd agree to the following plan. Have them propose to the North Koreans to send in troops to help them stage their own "military games" at the same time the US and South Korea are staging theirs. Once the Chinese army is in Pyongyang under this pretext, they cut the head off the snake. After North Korea falls, South Korea takes over and the US military withdraws from the peninsula as well. The US also agrees to cut all arms supplies to Taiwan and end that protective pact.

Sure, this sucks for Taiwan, but Taiwan under red China with a unified Korea under Seoul is a hell of a lot more stable the status quo, and better for the world over all. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few - further the suffering of Taiwan under China would not be nearly as bad as North Korea under Kim.


Google Releases Project Shield To Fight Against DDoS Attacks ( 72

An anonymous reader writes: Google has launched a free tool to help all media sites and and other organisations protect themselves against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. The Project Shield initiative allows websites to redirect traffic through Google's existing infrastructure, in order to keep their content online in the face of such attacks. Google will aim to work with smaller sites which do not necessarily have the money or are not fully equipped with strong enough infrastructure to the attacks. However, the Shield tool has also been made available to larger outlets, such as popular news sites and human rights platforms.

Comment Dear China. (Score 2) 412

This April we are holding our annual war games with South Korea. We expect North Korea to rattle it's sabers and embarrass you again while this exercise is conducted. We propose the following: Approach the leadership of North Korea with helping them conduct a war game of their own. Get a couple hundred divisions of your army into Pyong Yang under those pretenses, then capture or kill Kim and destroy his regime before he even realizes what's happening. Allow the South Korean army to take over the north and in exchange we will completely withdraw all troops from the Korean peninsula.

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