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Comment Re: Basic ettiquette pays I guess (Score 1) 113

You heard "Merry Christmas" more this year than in previous years? It seems like it wasn't too many years that Bill O'Reilly invented the "War on Christmas". Comedians had fun mocking him because, you know, everybody still said Merry Christmas despite his angry rants to the contrary. I guess all it took was an even angrier man to claim even louder that there was a war on Christmas---but don't worry, we won!---before everybody "remembers" it actually happening. I guess next week we'll all suddenly remember how we've always been at war with Eastasia, whereas Eurasia has always been our ally. If we're lucky, unemployment might even drop to 15%!

I, like most every non-unicorn-riding American, have no problem with the phrase Merry Christmas. However, if a store clerk told me to have a "blessed day", it would probably evoke the same feelings in me as if said clerk stared inappropriately at my daughter.

Actually,if they said that, I'd be looking for their mennonite hat hid under the customer service desk..."Goodbye.. Kind sir.. and have a blessed day" "And, please do not trip over my dead mother on your way out"! Frankly, it reminds me of most of Steven King's novels...
        But, as concerns "Merry Christmas", Merry Xmas is as offensive to Christians as if you told a Jewish person "Happy Hanky" instead of "Hannukah:". "Christmas" , after all, is a "Christian" holiday.. Don't like it, then just say "Happy Yuletide" or something...

Comment Re:Not use it? (Score 1) 141

Do you have any suggestions for such alternatives?

Er...I've heard there's some german system.. name escapes me.. And some other american system.. name escapes me, as well. I think I've made my point...
Most vendors only offer PP anyways, so the whole "policy update" appears to me to be, in addition to a rate update, a "talk nicely about usor you're gonna be TOAST!"

Comment Re:The point (Score 1) 532

Yeah, but.. they ARE banning it just about everywhere. They've already had these laws here in BC for years.. Pubs and taverns cried foul, but their business has only dropped 40%, and they eventually found loopholes such as smoking outside in a patio, away from any door, which keep getting shut down, the ashtrays eventually returned to the doorways when it was found that the streets were suddenly littered with butts. The crack industry is now booming as it is the only employment left, because the monthly income's support on disability is almost less than a month's pack a day , although most people on disability harvest butts.
See? There's always a way, where there's a will....

Comment Re:Until the money runs out... (Score 1) 210

I've been using DDG since the day it first came out. Not very often, until recently, precisely because of, as you say, the "quality of their results". These have improved significantly, but not enough, yet, for me to use it as my go-to search engine. Although, mostly out of habituation, I still have Google as my home page on my browsers, fact is, for searches, I usually use ixQuick, which I'm surprised to see nobody has mentioned, yet, here on SD. You've done a great explanation of DDG here, and due to physical limitations I'm not able to type as exhaustive a description of ixquick, but the quick description is it acts as a "shim" between your browser and Google, so Google only ever sees the ixquick request, and nothing else. It then hands over the results to ixquick, or "start page" as it is also known, which then strips out all the tracking info, and hands over results without any "personalization" , meaning you het ALL the results, not just the ones that Google thinks you might want the most.
I've probabl;y done a poor job explaining it all, but there's an easy and clear explanation on their "start page" (https://www.ixquick.com/).
Between DDG and ixQuick I feel pretty much covered..

Comment Re:It IS hipsterism (if that's a word) (Score 1) 564

As another indy musician I totally agree with the previous one... CD-Rs are absolute crap. They are a terrible way to present your music, and do not last.. . Unless you can present on a silver CD, your music wonb;'t survive a tenth as long as on a cassette tape. The quality of moodern tapes is excellent, you know.. or you would if you listened to them... ;-)

Comment Re:No even NO, but HELL NO! (Score 1) 449

Agreed. No fun no more. Not even no, but hell no, as AC said..The sound of an 8 bit modem connecting to a mysterious BBS that had programs and even the occasional mod and screamtracker files section.. no mp3s, just yet.. they were just too large for a BBS.. but all sorts of files to mod out your WfW insrtall, or even , if you were lucky enough to get a fully functional Nt3.1 install going (I was), some files to increase it's capabilities, or even getting NT 3.1 on the net... which was NOT a simple matter..We had ethernet here already in '92, but dns addrressing was a different matter entirely, and something NT didn't recognize.
Another thing was the thrift shops. They were absolute goldmines of old computers to fool around with. Mac Se/30s, powermacs, even found a next cube once. I'll never forget the time some business dumped a whole bunch of Sllicon Graphics machines.. with the RAM still intact! And, of course, lots of 386s and pentiums, every so often a bunch of servers would ahow up. Eventually I had 2 rooms chock full of computers and almost nowhere to sit (and yeah, I saw that armchair made from PCs on the web ;-) Novel idea).
But now? Can't find a SINGLE thriftshop that will carry any computer. Period. "Can't, because the hard drive has personal information" is the line I get. They always used to pull out all the RAM, so how hard is it to yank a HDD? Of course then they can't prove it works, so they have to sell it "as is" and so then they can't bleed the customers dry. I really don't know who they are there in business for, anyways.
That's the nature of the beast though..The 60s ended sometime around '75.. Macs stopped being "friendly" after OSX came into being.. and windows changed enough to prompt Nathan to create his timeless "IE is EVIL" website. and if you want a quick nostalgia run he's got his "gui gallery" to peruse.
Still, it's a sea change in how it's got no coolness factor anymore, and how the "fun" has left, because it really has. Won't come back, either... :sigh:

Comment Re:Thats great (Score 1) 12

Yes. who could ever have anything against those sweet li'l mouses? Except.. uh.. they actually, naturally , harbor much deadlier diseases than rats (rats just pick up unsanitary filth from their living conditions). and unlike rats, they hate people. Rats are far more sociable and if raised in captivity, actually LIKE people. How people feel about THEM, is another question ;-)

Comment Re:Except for a few major acts (Score 1) 171

The record company most certainly does NOT pocket the sales. They have absolutely no legal right to do so. It's the management that collects the income.. and according to any agreement they have made previously with the artists they split the proceeds, usually with an unusually generous cut for management. Unlkess you're Kiss, merchandise makes shit for proceeds. In fact, toiuring is , or at least has been in the past, according to the old system, is the only income the band makes until uit pays off the loan from the Record company. Things are somewhat different now, with artists having so muchh more input and control over their management and the label usually being independant. People signed via the classic major label method, such as, say, Hip Hop artists , still go through the old system though...

Comment Re:Poor Nazis (Score 1) 978

Bu... But... it's..it's.. far *left* extremism. It's a completely different thing. When the right says "i want to beat you up and push your head in a bucket full of water until you drown" they actually mean "i want to beat you up and push your head in a bucket full of water until you drown".. but when the far left says "i want to beat you up and push your head in a bucket full of water until you drown" it's just their way of saying hello! ... Before they.. um.. beat you up and push your head in a bucket full of water until you drown... They'll probably try to "readjust" you first by subjecting you to prime time slop and, or, 12 hours straight of Obama speeches all day.. just like the DPRK residents must suffer with "Glorious leader" all hours of the day. Everywhere. And it can't be turned off. A dream state for ultra left wingers!

Comment Re:what global warming? (Score 1) 284

I am just stunned that techies, who should hyave the capability of logical reasoning, really get nothing of the whoole climate change thing.
So here's the grade school version, for the majority of /. readers that never finished it,. apparently.
The WEATHER is what makews some winters really hot, and others record cold. The weather can change , but it is the severity of the weather that *Climate* change affec ts.
The CLIMATE is tha major average over 10 to 100 year timesppans. It's perfectly normal to have a deadly heat spell in the weather for months or even a few years , even if the *climate* is cooling down. And the reverse, it's evtirely possible to have record setting colds winters while the climate shows increases in global temperatures.
The statistics show, without any possibility of error, that the average temperature of ALL the planets in our solar system are increasing. The tempperature on earth is increasing faster, is all. There;s no question that all that pollution from factories, and methane from pig farms and billions of litres of cow flatulence, is making it worse. And no question that the oceans are warming, causing the methane in the sea floor to be released. So all that fresh water entering the ocean from higher global temps will stop the gulf stream, causing Europe and eastern US to go into a deep freeze, and then the albedo effect will make the rest of the planet go into a deep freeze. And THIS is data that has already been known since the late 60s!
And next, the "pole shift" idiocy. Yes, the "poles" are moving at a faster rate than ever seen before. But it's NOT going to make england suddenly nice and tropical, nor will it "flood the coasts with mile high tidal waves" , something I read over and over. The pole that's moving is the MAGNETIC pole. And it isn't moving ANYTHING except compasses and GPS settings and airline markings.
When the PHYSICAL poles do shift, you won''t be seeing a video about it by Begley . You'll probably be under a mile of water. And actually, the rapid crustal displacement theory doesn't suggest the poles themselves move, rather that the plates slide over the magma by almost 15.

Mmm.. Magma!

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