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Comment Re:How would I know if my home router is infected? (Score 2) 56

I have two routers. Ones a Zytel provided by the phone company and then I also have one of the russian make one (TP / Archer).

How would I know if they are part of the botnet?

Pretty simple. If they still have their default passwords they're almost surely part of it. Just change the password to a good strong one, and you should instantly be off the botnet. At least that seems to me the right approach..+

Comment Re:Yeah, by hardening our defenses you morons (Score 1) 396

The Clinton camp wants war with Russia.. although God knows why. And if they can't get it by hook, they'll get it by crook. Making bogus accusationns re hacking is required before they can retaliate. The whole thing is a fraud from the beginning. Russia doesn't give a F*%K about the DNC. It's only American arrogance to think the rest of the world is watching every move, and to see when Killary does another face plant into the sidewalk.. Well, OK , maybe they ARE waiting to see that..

Comment Re:If you beleive in the simmulation hypothesis th (Score 1) 1042

Logically if this is a simmulation then one would guess that the players controlled by external overlords would be the most powerful sims. that is to say movie stars or Tech billionaires or Trump like dictators.

Thus your highest calling if you and under-sim is to go be a groupy to one of the "real" players.

So it's a little strange to hear the Real players asking to be broken out of the Simulation. Something is fishy here.

"simulated" fishy. Actually, am I to understand that simulated billionairs with simulated money are asking simulated scientists to use simulated technology to break us out odf a computer simulation? Am I even commenting on a real /. or a simulated one?

Comment Re:Meh. (Score 1) 843

Yeah.. I don't see Trump being able to effect much, if any at all, change. The rot is spread far too deep, and if, once elected, he ever becomes too much of a pest for the rotters in the "shadow government", they WILL find a way to get rid of him. Even if it's not very pretty. The truth is, that in John Titor's timeline, the government had become so corrupt and dictatorial that all out civil war (Real war!) was the only way out. And it DID go nuclear. Interestingly enough, he was emphatic about not saying what color or sex the president was.. which could either indicate that BHO stayed in via martial law, or killary won despite everything.
I think Titor should have been taken a whole lot more seriously, if only because of his surprise at the twin towers still standing. This was in1999, ande the only time he let things slip, as he was usually VERY careful about not polluting our timeline. His timeline just occurred 15 years earlier than ours, is all...

Comment Re: dust (Score 1) 290

Yeah, as someone born in the 80s, I hate being lumped in with the jobless slobs from the mid-late 90s

What? You don't have a skateboard with you at all times?.. IS millenial the term for those 26 year olds who still walk around with their skateboards and even take them into their job interviews?? Or are they Gen X'rs. I don't know who's who anymore ! Me , I'm just a "late boomer"..

Comment Re:Wait a minute.. (Score 1) 207

I have to agree.. until people's bloody fridges become just a touch more intelligent. Nobody needs a fridge that will accept instructions from Chechnya or Nigeria. Internet protocols are woefully obsolete. WHy aspoofing hasn't been completely eradicated is beyound me, and I don't wan't my fooking dishwasher to be able to relay dDos action. Period.This is all Boolsheet. A disastrous overlooked concern that should have been a priority for dealing with, a decade ago. Instead, everybody's spent all their time drooling over the latest smart frikkin this and smart that. So maybe security ain't glamorous. Deal with it, and get on the train. NOW!

Comment Anyone even know what "Bricked" means anymore? (Score 1) 178

I did read the submission carefully, but nowhere did it say the PC could no longer be wiped clean and reinstalled, implying that the hardware was fine. Or was "bricked" just used in the title as clickbait?
Sorry to be pedantic, but we're all supposed to be geeks here on /. and yet NOBODY pointed out the inaccurate use of the word.

Comment Re:Who knew? (Score 1) 295

Well. he's NOT a lawyer, a judge, an md or a member of city council. He's a tech guy. So he used the tools he had to fight back with. End of story. Although.. maybe , instead, he should have gone directly after the offending MD and, you know, cancelled his credit card, membership at the golf club, had a repossess on hiis BMW .. ;-)

Comment Re:Not a nice way to die (Score 1) 429

What makes it so horrible, and how would anyone even know that since firsthand experience would, by definition, kill you? Wouldn't it be the same as drowning? Which is, by all accounts, a very pleasant experience. And I get that rats are kind of cute (to some people) when you've got ONE in a cage, and that they domesticate well, (amazingly enough, they really do!) , but if you've got a rat problem , like I have, the cuteness thing wears a little thin. They will completely destroy your place, chew up your plumbing trying to get water, and chew up all your electrical wiring , creating a terrible fire hazard. If rats don't chew ALL the time their teeth grow at a fantastic rate, so they have to chew, And they will chew ANYTHING even tubes of toxic ointment, with impunity. And NOTHING kills them, They eat rat poison for breakfast and ask for seconds. The dry ice method is one I'd try if I could get at them, but they're in the walls of my trailer. I've been using lysol spray so they can't smell the tracks to get asround, and certain members of the mint family are supposed to be very effective at repelling them. Any one know a GOOD repellant that always works? No, ultrasound doesn't, unfortunately. I need them GONE!

Comment Re:Now that this has attracted media coverage... (Score 1) 337

and he'll do 10 years in a supermax.

Yeah. If he wasn't a hardened criminal before (and he wasn't, of course), he will be after he gets out of a high security prison. He'll be forced to hang around ruthless violent criminals and malicious types for years straight, and when he finally gets out, he'll have a record that will prevent him from ever obtaining most any decent job (because this is America - we don't believe in rehabilitation anymore).

There's a reason prison is sometimes called "con college".

..and he'll never pick up another bar of soap again in his life!

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