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Comment Re:The worst part about this... (Score 2) 106

I worked for Ohio government offices for 15 years, you'll never find a tighter bunch of inbred boot lickers anywhere. Politic and games abound like the time: (cue the flashbackeffect), I once had the departing elected prosecutor tell me to erase the server files. I did so but commented this must be legal as it is being requested by the ruling interpreter of law for the area.

Fast forward a week later and the new prosecutor want to know where the files are, so I told him and he was "not happy at all." I explain that ruling authority at that time ordered it so and suggest he take it up with the recently departed prosecutor, there was much posturing and sabre rattling.

If I had resided in his local area I would probably have spent some time in a cell. I had the files on backup tape in my desk so all was forgiven. Always cover your ass.

Comment Please call the "Big Dick" (Score 1) 2219

Apologies to the editors of slashdot, it's not you but the guy in charge we want i.e. "Big Dick". Its out and swinging around and it's here to prove it can out piss anyone or the group. So far Big is keeping his head down, not very manly to start a shitstorm and not take public credit. Well Dick, your name will eventually become known and your reputation will suffer more for this delay. Grow a pair! (some apologies if its really the "Big Clit")

We have tar, feathers, pitchforks and torches, getting the picture?

Comment Re:What's missing from the discussion (Score 1) 731

The advertisers win by not needing the extra bandwidth necessary to serve up ads to people that wouldn't click on them anyways.

There is no one that doesn't need their ads, they just don't know it. Its religious nutball logic at its best. Your own ads are always yummy delicious double good. Reality is ignored so that the (greedy prick) doesn't see his real image in the mirror. Every decision makers worst downfall is believing their own press releases. Advertisers have downed their own koolaid and the brain damage is usually permanent.

Comment Re:Needs a lancher api. (Score 1) 1009

Guerrilla marketing slogans like Windows 8 it's really a Lock down System not an Operating System, or if you loved AOL your really gonna like Windows 8. Might get the message across but I doubt it.

I'm just tired of Redmond fucking up the desktop. The tweens can have Windows 8 and beyond, I think the grownups need to look elsewhere. We're not the demographic Microsoft is looking for.

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