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Comment This is achievable... for traffic in Russia (Score 1) 296

1. Scan all traffic at edges of the network in Russia.
2a. If you are able to decrypt it (well, if ever a implementable definition of "decrypt" is published), let it pass.
2b. If not, block it.

All the traffic that remains is decryptable. So this is achiveable, as long as you accept as a compromise to block so much traffic that not much usage of the Internet remains.

Comment Of course not. Go is a better choice! (Score 1) 341

8 months ago, when we rebuilt the previous version of our platform that was insanely in PHP (with an insane level of intricated web services) that had poor performance, we wisely choose Go.
Go is compiled. Go has strict type checking. Go has built-in support for writing unit tests.

And Go's support for concurrency is far much better than node.js (which still runs on a single CPU).

Comment McDonald's and Quick in France have done it (Score 1) 921

All the McDonald's and Quick restaurants in my area in France have already implemented that.
There is much more ordering machines than ordering counter with humans.

And I have to admit that the customer experience is much better because this is much less stressful at least at crowded hours:
- all the available options are visible in front of you, along with prices (instead of having to search for them displayed far away or to hear about them in a noisy environment)
- you can take your time when interacting with a machine
- all machines are equal
      - no slow rookie cashier
      - no crazy cashier who speaks too fast
And we can even have our order directly delivered at our table.

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