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Submission + - iPhone-size scanner -- hold to someone's chest, see 3D images of what's inside

An anonymous reader writes: Entrepreneur Jonathan Rothberg says he has raised $100 million to create a medical imaging device that’s nearly “as cheap as a stethoscope” and will “make doctors 100 times as effective.” The technology, which according to patent documents relies on a new kind of ultrasound chip, could eventually lead to new ways to destroy cancer cells with heat, or deliver information to brain cells. Butterfly’s patent applications describe its aim as building compact, versatile new ultrasound scanners that can create 3-D images in real time. Hold it up to a person’s chest, and you would look through “what appears to be a window” into the body, according to the documents. Rothberg says his first goal will be to market an imaging system cheap enough to be used even in the poorest corners of the world. He says the system will depend heavily on software, including techniques developed by artificial intelligence researchers, to comb through banks of images and extract key features that will automate diagnoses. “When I have thousands of these images, I think it will become better than a human in saying ‘Does this kid have Down syndrome, or a cleft lip?’ And when people are pressed for time it will be superhuman,” says Rothberg. “I will make a technician able to do this work.”To read the full story by Antonio Regalado in MIT Technology Review, go to:

Comment Nifty but not impressive (Score 1) 169

As someone who works in the field of machine translation, I find this to be a nifty feature, but not that all impressive. Its just a text-to-speech, speech recognition combined with the shitty bing translate. Will work for general conversation, but probably completely breaks down on field specific conversations. They could also demo other language pairs, as english and german is the easiest pair to machine translate from one another, and are two of the easiest languages to apply speech recognition and text-to-speech to.

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