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Comment Re:Watch the messenger (Score 1) 457


Apple is opposed to the [jailbreak] exemption because it will destroy the
technological protection of Apple's key copyrighted computer programs in the iPhone(TM) device
itself and of copyrighted content owned by Apple that plays on the iPhone, resulting in copyright
infringement, potential damage to the device and other potential harmful physical effects,
adverse effects on the functioning of the device, and breach of contract.

Comment Re:So what does it do? (Score 2, Interesting) 159

Then explain why my printer doesn't work on Windows 7, when it works in XP, VIsta, OSX and Ubuntu? Out of the box in two of those four(I'll let you guess which).

I would also like you to explain why my 4 year old Dell laptop doesn't let me pick the appropraite resolution in Windows 7, when it will in XP, Vista and Ubuntu.

Comment Re:ok (Score 2) 203

The iPhone UI sucks a lot harder than WebOSs, and it is no better than Android.

The ONLY selling point of the iPhone is the ecosystem. Brand loyalty, huge number of apps and huge installed base. The phone itself is bland compared to all the other offerings(most new phones are essentially an iPhone plus a couple other features, like a high res display or a physical keyboard), and the software is about as advanced as Palm OS 4.0. I don't know how Apple can ship a product in 2009 that doesn't support multitasking.

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