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Comment This is why I don't use Plex. (Score 1, Interesting) 173

I don't want a computer running full time and using electricity. I also don't want to pay per month for the cloud.

I use Infuse with an Apple TV in one room and a Fire TV in another, connected to a shared hard drive plugged into my router. Works great and needs virtually no computing power on the sharing end.

Comment Re: Use the Tmobile Music Unlimited prepaid plan (Score 1) 75

I'm in the same plan, it has binge-on and music streaming. I don't watch video on my phone but I do use audio a lot. I buy refills with my target redcard, which gives 5% off and no sales tax. I do talk a bit, but Google voice or Vonage takes care of that.

Cell service, to me, isn't worth much more than $1/day.

Comment I always use my home as an example (Score 1) 146

I live on a fairly busy highway and for some reason Google Maps has the street numbers swapped. I should be odd numbers on the west side and even on east, but they have it swapped. I sent them a message a couple years ago and they replied "You're right, it's incorrect. We'll send an email when it's corrected". It's never been corrected. I've sent messages since, but no reply and no action.

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