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Comment Re: This is an OS (Score 1) 131

My windows 10 installation was by no means forced, but when setting up a new ssd after the previous one died, i had the choice of installing windows 7 and spend two days applying patches from the horribly broken windows update or just installing windows 10. Yes, nowadays there is that patch rollup, but not back then.

Comment Re: Incorrect! (Score 1) 382

You are just nitpicking. It is obvious to everyone who isn't an imbecile that 100% clean energy is physically not possible. Hence clean energy means "far cleaner than fossil fuel". And this is what counts, because waiting for a perfect solution that might never come while continuing to use a bad one is worse than continuously updating to a slightly better solution.
And besides, IC production is very much the same "nightmare" as photovoltaic production but I see you posting on Slashdot, using a lot of semiconductor technology in the process. Looks like a double standard from here.

Comment Re:Ahead of his time (Score 1) 186

It happens sometimes.
For example a soviet SF book written in the 1920ies described a device that is quite close to a laser weapon (a device that concentrates light in a coherent beam, construction close to a laser resonator), and, in fact, inspired the laser inventor.
A pretty good book by the way, but somewhat difficult to read for a non-native russian speaker because of many obsolete words.

Comment Re:I take SSRI's; motivation is fine (Score 1) 47

My first weeks were somewhat different - untypically good mood, often giggling about trivial stuff and telling stupid jokes to my coworkers, but not caring much about anything at all. I guess this is how dope smokers feel like when they are high.
It was fun while it lasted.

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