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Comment Re: How Embarrasing (Score 3, Insightful) 55

Russian occupied Georgia and Ukraine? Seriously? By that logic Mexico is occupied by the USA because Americans have annexed Texas.

And yep, some critics have been indeed imprisoned

Still, what you are doing is moving the goalposts. I have stated that many German government officials consider American interests more important than interests of German citizens and you try to switch the topic to imprisonment. And by the way, East Germany and USSR didn't imprison every critic. I know - I am originally from Rostock.

Comment Re:Really? (Score 1) 244

This description of Earth describes your provincialism, not the actual planet. There is a shitload of places where there are basically no earthquakes (and if there are, then they are rare and so weak they wouldn't even wake you up), no tornadoes and no hurricanes. Well, and other places without rain, but it kind of sucks having no water available.

And I seriously have no idea why you bother thinking about "the other 7+ billion idiots". Most of them are elsewhere anyway.

Comment Re: How Embarrasing (Score 2) 55

Look, I am German and I do think that our government kisses American arses. Many of our politicians, especially of our conservative party, have explicitly stated that they consider USA being the best friend of Germany, American interests being more important than concerns of German citizens and that anybody who thinks different just hates the US.

Comment Re: Yeh it reveals their crimes (Score 2) 55

Just to nitpick, if you actually say "borscht" to a Russian, they wouldn't understand you immediately. You see, that particular Cyrillic letter at sounds as "sht" only in Bulgarian. Ukrainians pronounce it as "shch", which would sort of work in Russian, as it is the same in some dialects. In Russian proper that letter sounds like a very soft (Russian is more or less the softest of all Slavic languages) sh, sort of like in the word "sheep", but still softer. Imagine the word "sheep" as said by a very camp gay, that "sh" would sound close.

Comment Re: Quality of Fact Checking (Score 1) 65

And this nationalism is the reason why Ukraine is a failed state.

I have been in Kiev. It is fugly and dirty. And most people were arseholes calling me churka because they never heard a German accent before. Also the worst drivers I have ever experienced, worse than Arabs. Prague is beautiful, Tallinn is mostly beautiful, Lwow is bearable, even though the people suck. But Kiev is ugly.

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