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Comment Re: Normal is not what you think (Score 1) 169

The vandal resistant windscreen does exist, it's a formed sheet of diamond plate steel with titanium reinforcement struts. Not very useful if you actually want to drive anywhere but is very resistant to vandals trying to break it. Though it does tend to gather graffiti instead. Early experiments with electrifying it look good for resolving that issue, but long life batteries for powering the system in high crime areas take up the entire passenger compartment. ;)

Comment Re:Slapping time (Score 1) 652

Wow, try catching up with the times. NO connection to any vaccination has been established. In fact any such link has been thoroughly disproven. The one "study" that established it has been debunked as extremely flawed and designed to produce results intended to promote the sales of a vaccine developed by the former doctor who did the "Study".

Vaccines are proven, any link at all to autism is what is unproven.

Comment Why Retire the ISS? (Score 4, Insightful) 64

It's modular, drop the outdated/worn-out modules to burn up, attach new modules, build it out, expand it. having an arbitrary retirement date for a modular facility does not make sense. If they are serious about Mars they should be planning on adding on to the ISS, in order to use it as part of the process and route out of Earth Orbit to Mars. It can be a fueling station, build the Mars space craft of smaller modules sent up and parked at the ISS as they are assembled. Just abandoning it eight years from now seems very short sighted.

Comment Re:Hand-waving hypocrites. (Score 1) 106

Still nothing like bread lines in the context it was presented. i.e. the prevalent bread lines of the Soviet Union, where everyone had to endure such lines just to obtain their basic staples, well everyone but the political elite. Poor people going to a food bank is not bread lines.

Bread lines are due to a general unavailability or scarceness of food, not due to a lack of funds by those needing to buy such food.

Comment Re:Hand-waving hypocrites. (Score 1) 106

Sorry that highly questionable claim about children in "food insecure households" even if true does not equal bread lines. Which were daily lines in the soviet union to obtain basic food stuffs. Even when adequate supplies existed the process and procedures to obtain the food items were inefficient and time consuming.

and as to gulags
Gulag: NOUN
            1.a system of labor camps maintained in the former Soviet Union from 1930 to 1955 in which many people died.
a camp in the Gulag system, or any political labor camp.

A gulag is a forced labor prison camp for political dissidents, where prisoners are often worked to death. Please cite one location of such in the US. An actual labor camp for political dissidents, not a police detention/interrogation facility as suggested by AC (as illegal as that facility may be it's not a gulag).

Comment Re:Do literary awards matter? (Score 1) 252

Because to win such an award the author's would have to release the pre-edited dreck and the final copy to show how great a job the editor did. With movies the judges can look at the script and then look at the final product to see how effective the editors were in translating the script into the visual medium accurately and effectively.

Comment Re:Down the rabbit hole (Score 1) 311

Yet most merchants waited until the last second to install the readers. So who was at fault for the delays? I saw some proactive merchants install chip capable readers in 2014, but most stuck with swipe only readers until just before the deadline, then rushed to install all the new readers. Had they not all waited until the last second there would not have been such a back-up. Plenty of advanced notice was given. The tech was not new or novel it's been in use in Europe for years, the merchants just tried to delay until the last second and then surprise there were delays due to the sudden rush.

This suit has no merit. The retail industry was not willingly moving to the more secure tech as had been done in Europe, so the CC companies who bear the brunt of fraud costs forced the move. If they had not we'd still be years from full deployment and acceptance. We're still a ways from that as I see one of my CC's and my Debit card are still not chipped and they were both replaced after the Oct 2015 deadline.

Comment Re:Lost emails (Score 1) 404

The 22 million emails were deleted because they were campaign emails that were not legally permitted to be on the Government servers. As emails pertaining to and by his campaign there was no requirement to be retained and more importantly they had to be deleted from the servers.

In contrast Clinton's emails were required by law to not be deleted. but retained..

Comment Re: Lost emails (Score 2) 404

Wrong, as Sec State she set's the policies implementing the federal Laws pertaining to the protection of Classified information. But she is not able to just approve her own setup. She set's the policies, the IT and security depts. then implement them.

Stop trying to defend the indefensible. The moment classified information touched her unclassified system it became classified and property of the Government and the responsibility of the Security and IT depts. to clean and clear before returning to her. She broke the law. Her position did not exempt her from the law.

Comment Re:No choice (Score 1) 446

In that poor example Betamax was better (and came first) but VHS marketed better so it won out.

In this case the humble but very effective audio jack was here first, it's universally installed and it's better. Apple thinks they can out market it ala VHS, but unlike Betamax and VHS which both hit the market fairly close together, the audio jack is ubiquitous not fighting to establish a market, and unlike apple introducing the 3.5 inch floppy versus the 5.25 inch floppy (a far better analogue than VHS/Betamax), the new tech is not actually better than the universally used current tech.

Comment Re:Cost of Infrastructure? (Score 1) 239

Why should they have expanded outside their scope of operations? They are very good at what they do. They have massive infrastructure backing up what they do. Amazon has very little of what they have spent decades perfecting and continue to improve upon. Amazon is NOT a logistics company. Amazon does not have the fleet of vehicles, the Army of drivers with years of experience making these deliveries, the aircraft and flight crews, the high volume sort centers for moving packages quickly and efficiently across the country and around the world. They are a sales company with a decent logistics branch, but they are not a logistics company.

Logistics is all UPS and FedEx do, Amazon cannot hope to build the comprehensive global delivery networks and routes that these companies have, not overnight and not in a way that will undercut what UPS, FEDEX and the USPS charge. Drones are a pipe dream, no way any major city will allow their airspace to be as totally flooded as drone deliveries would require. And not feasible in more remote areas.

Anyone who thinks Amazon can just decide to get into the delivery business has no idea what the scope of such a project actually is.

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