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Comment Re:He's Right (Score 1) 348

Good inks were available in Roman times, and wills and such should be required to use them, certainly instead of pencil. Fortunately, the pencils used were not the high numbered kind, so the thicker lines were possible to make out. I realize that a will or contract to build a house isn't needed after the estate is settled or the house built. except as a historical document, but still . . .

Comment Re:Two words: PAPER BOOKS (Score 1) 348

Just remember to use acid-free paper. My half great uncles copy of The Harvard Classics is still in fairly good shape, but my father's book of 6 digit logarithms is falling completely apart, and some of his other college texts are almost as bad. We won't even mention about how bad the tablets that I save from grade school are.

Comment Re:He's Right (Score 2) 348

Digitize them soon. My family has photos from my grandparents' childhoods, and firstly, no one can remember who the people are, and secondly, they are fading to the point that they appear gray on gray. Contrast stretching can almost fix the graying of the old photos, but the old relatives who could have recognized the people in them (or even the locations) have and are dying before we can get them annotated. Likewise, we have the same problems with pencil writing (yes, even on important documents).

On the other hand, we can make fun of my one great-grandfather, who wrote to his future wife for several years, but used the wrong name (that should teach parents NOT to name their children with obscure four syllable names similar to other ones) until about 18 months before their wedding, which was probably the urban equivalent to a shotgun wedding.

Comment Re:Just remember (Score 1) 215

Redneck, I dunno, but you are certainly very a nationalistic person. We had a critical mass of those such people here in Germany a while back and that sure wasn't pretty.

Nonsense. If you (collective) were nationalistic back then, no Austrian would have been able to take over Germany and demand, successfully, that everyone hail him instead of saying the equivalents of hello and goodbye.

Comment Re:Make The Internet Great Again! (Score 1) 215

Hell, should have been done decades ago, before the rest of the world was allowed to use TCP/IP, DNS, etc., which the US invented.

Then you could enjoy your own ISO internet to your heart's content. As soon as you get around to making one, any year, now.

Comment Re:Taking up sky diving at 75. (Score 1) 314

You forget that the skydiving firm won't let you jump alone after a certain point. George H.W. Bush has to be strapped to the guy with the parachute, anymore, to prevent what you "plan" from happening by accident. Even if you had no heirs to sue them, the department regulating aviation safety will come down on the operator.

If you want to try this trick, you'll have to check out while still hale and hearty, at least seemingly so.

Comment Re:Captain Kirk says... (Score 1) 314

The problem with immortality is that it never seems to come with unaging. The fats in cheeseburgers and chocolates become harder to digest and dairy starts giving problems (I can no longer binge on more than two pounds of jarlsberg at one sitting without problems for the rest of the week). In the case of this old Russian, losing all your children probably sucks a lot of the joy of life, even if he does still have grand children and gets to see his great great grand children (but cannot play with them).

Comment Re:Very sad (Score 1) 148

I could list a few left-wing conspiracy theories, including my one friend's theory that the Clinton Death Lists

You think it was the Left that started the Clinton Death List conspiracy theory?

No, he just took that (right wing crazy) theory and ran with it in the opposite direction (making a left-wing crazy theory).

Anyway, the Clinton Death Lists were just lists of everyone tangentially related to the Clintons who had died after knowing them, including lifers working in the Ark. Governor's Mansion who died in their late 50s and early 60s from the usual causes from which trustee lifers die. It is no more sensible than a theory that the reason that all the steam locomotives were run to death during 1941-1945 was that GE bribed the government to take over the railroads and skip normal maintenance (entirely ignoring that little WWII thing).

Comment Re:Other poll ideas (Score 1) 599

Competitive Orgy

Also, wasn't Hoplitodromos the same thing as Chariot Racing?

And no straight women should be allowed to answer, as two brawny men wrestling in the nude would be too popular, especially as women were forbidden to witness the Games, anyway. Likewise no straight men could comment if we talking about a mythical Games for women athletes, also conducted while nude.

Comment Re:Very sad (Score 1) 148

I could list a few left-wing conspiracy theories, including my one friend's theory that the Clinton Death Lists were real and driven by Bill and that was a GOOD thing, because it balanced out the political assassinations performed under George H.W. Bush's aegis. I would point out, also, that it is extremely unlikely that you know any of MikeMo's conspiracy theorists, as you two clearly travel in different circles.

Multiple anecdotes do not qualify as data, regardless of which ever side counts them.

Comment Re:And surprise surprise... (Score 1) 148

Your scepticism is understandable, but extensive video footage of the event has been released.

I hope this sets your mind at ease.

And extensive video footage has been released showing that NASA reached, walked upon, golfed upon, "danced" upon, and drove upon the Moon. And STILL Buzz Aldrin has to deck idiots, every so often.

Some people will not have their minds set at ease by anything but their eventual death.

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