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Comment Re:Make it cheaper (Score 1) 218

I wouldn't bother... it's not that good anyway. First episode showed promise, but since then it just feels very wooden and overly scripted.

I know Top Gear was always scripted and fake, but the new Amazon version of it with Clarkson, et al. just seems way over-rehearsed and wooden. I was really looking forwards to it but feel majorly let down.

Are you sure you're not referring to Top Gear USA or the post-Clarkson Top Gear?

Comment Re:Not surpised (Score 1) 96

That's the beauty of your (and my) Kenmore appliances. Stable technology and manufacturing processes which haven't changed in years. If you're happy about your appliances being flawless after 5 years, you have pretty low expectations.

Do you want your washer to post to your Twitter/FB/txt/whatever when your laundry is done? Or do you want your appliances to work?

I voted with my dollars and my dollars opted for the latter.

Comment Excessive Amazon packaging when shipping (Score 1) 239

If Amazon wants to SAVE money on shipping, how about they pay attention to the size of boxes and packing material in comparison to the original item purchased?

This makes me wish I'd taken pics of the packaging for the two circle batteries i just received for my key fobs for my car, because that shit was ridiculous!

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