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Comment Re: Encrypt Everything! (Score 1) 130

why does the government think that Terrorism, (or whatever excuse they want to use), gives them the moral right, ethical right, and legal authority to just ignore their own laws, rules, and promises, and do whatever the fuck they want?

Because the spectre of terrorism (in the media) exists for precisely this reason.

Comment Re:Yes, but... (Score 1) 222

Estimates get better the closer one gets to delivery. At the point of delivery, the estimate is perfect.

If one runs a simulation of development, to estimate well, one will have an excellent but incorrect estimate.

It's almost as if "it'll be done when it's done" is the best answer. If one breaks down the product into chunks of functionality and builds them in priority order, starting with a set of tasks enough to get a minimum viable product, one can be connected to the real world and have continual opportunities to re-asses whether continuing is worth it.

Comment Re: Correcting myself (Score 1) 730

The issue isn't whether he's jumped through hoops to prove his knowledge of maths and physics - his use of maths and physics in the claims are self-validating when read by someone competent.

If Oregon choose to 'ignore' his claims, there is the possibility that the claims are valid which would lead the board no valid way to counter them.

Comment Re: Neat--until... (Score 1) 218

Meh, it seems a common 'misunderstanding':


Period in the context that you are referring to is used as an idiom of sorts. It means there is no counter argument.

For example, "Chuck Norris will kick anybody's butt, period."


"Abstinence from sex is the best STD prevention, period."

There is usually a pause after the sentence and before the word "period".

Another thing that Americans say instead of "period" is "end of story".

Comment Re: Neat--until... (Score 1) 218

Maybe; maybe not - I'm not disagreeing - simply expressing that I am not inclined to check for myself.

Use of the word 'Period' to indicate that the writer is interested in finalising the discussion after having made their point does little to persuade the reader, regardless of the truth of any assertion.

It seems to me that a writer confident in their assertion would not seek additional pseudo-confirmation.

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