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Comment Re:Ruling Party (Score 1) 318

The US hasn't had a two party system in years. It was dying in 1988 and they buried it in 2008. Now we have a group that are called Republicans, though they aren't really. They would be Democrats back in 1988. The Democrats today are what we called communist/socialist back then. Remember the Nationalist Socliast party - aka NAZI party? That's the new Dems, sending in thugs, beit health care if you remember that and more recently to Trump rallies. Incite violence, punch people, vandalize stuff, even recently they're into firebombing just like they did in the 1930s in Germany.

Never did believe the sex stuff against Assange. It really smelled fishy.

Comment Re:No they won't. (Score 1) 385

You've been played by a traitor and are pretending it is patriotism. That's just so fucked up.

Umm, what? I don't even...

Hello, non-sequitur!


I know, that's a liberal for you. He apparently stuffed a number of words into your mouth. In short, he thinks your a Trump supporter and somehow that's unpatriotic. Never mind that Hillary at her last debate really likes us and she'll protect us too. As if anyone believed her.

She's caught just like a thug with her hand in the cookie jar and the press is like - nothing to see here... she's wonderful... Don't look at those E-mails, only we are allowed to look at those...Move on...

We'll find out soon if they can fool us again.

Comment Re:Resonating with Americans (Score 1) 177

MM - Come on, get your history right. Carter was like a nuclear bomb to this country. Until Obama, he was the worst. Something that Carter even crowed about a few years ago - he's not the worst anymore. Reagan on the other hand was incredible. The US experienced the most economic growth the world had ever seen. It wasn't "trickle down" economics as the crazy left likes to say, it was more like trickle everywhere economics. Everyone benefited from his policies. I remember when Carter was Pres, I was in grade school. I wondered if I'd even have a country, what could I do? Double digit inflation. So many people reading this have NO IDEA what that's like. Obama would love to have double digit inflation, however he's not even able to do that.

Back the the subject, this has been a concern for hundreds of years. Gutenberg came up with a press. Continues from there. About 4 decades ago we were using punched cards. Even into the 1980s. People found other things to do because those advances created new jobs. Machines can do a lot, they can't do everything. This whole conversation reminds me of this exact fear from the 1980s and AI. AI would take over and rule us all in just the next few years. Still waiting on that.

Bottom line is, people want everything and want to do nothing to get it.

Comment Re:Ignores the issue (Score 1) 115

He brought up her campaign sending thugs in to beat up people, close down highways, other potentially deadly dirty tricks. Right away Hillary's campaign fired those people and she has no knowledge of any of that. Yea, right and Bill Clinton has never violated a woman.

Media spotlight? Bulb is out, socket is broken, wires to the spotlight are cut, generator was destroyed and the fuel is contaminated. Nope, nothing to see here, move la la can't hear you... la la la can't year you...

But boy, look at Trump and being a cad. We have a nice new spotlight for anything bad about Trump. Even made up stuff. In fact, they'll even make up stuff as the e-mails show.

Seriously, they media would have buried that too. Trump is no Reagan. At least not yet.

There are very serious scandals in the last e-mail dump. I believe around 18 more. Probably ahead of the very corrupt Obama administration.

Comment Re:Minefield (Score 0) 548

It was Republicans that gave women the vote in the first place.

The way it's supposed to work, you're supposed to own land in order to vote. So called skin in the game. Today the left wants foreigners, often illegal aliens to vote - for them of course. Bus people from voting place to voting place to pack the ballot box.

Of course now we know about the Clinton campaign and their paying people to beat up people at the Trump rallies, . Goes on and on and on.

Yet some people will vote for Hillary anyway.

Comment Re:But . . . (Score 1) 430

Of course not. It's a very important topic. She knows probably better than anyone in Washington the way to hang someone is through E-mails. Even as far back as the Reagan days they preserved mails so they couldn't be deleted (Unix machines of course, Microsoft was a bad joke at the time) and famously pulled e-mails in an attempt to skewer him, and failed. Hillary we know does very bad stuff, underhanded stuff as the e-mails prove. So bad her staff took hammers to their blackberries after they were asked for. Now why would they do that? Why would they use a very expensive process to ensure those disks are destroyed?

No, she knew exactly what she was doing and the testimony shows that. Not that the media would tell you about any of this.

Comment Re:because everyone carries a bag of 100 gift card (Score 1) 204

Might be asking a lot. If you RTFA, it said they were able to confirm they bought those cards.

Having RTFA, it also said that they numbers on the front didn't match what the strip said. There's a lot of evidence that they were doing bad stuff.

I think this is ok. What isn't OK is where the police dept seizes the money just because they can. No charges filed, they just wanted the money and harass citizens for it, not even resorting to a ticket anymore. They're nothing more than armed thugs. Pirates really. Those guys should be hung along with the people that told them to do it.

Comment Central management (Score 1) 891

It's easy street. They say the AI is really good. Transcription is better done by machine now. Thought AI couldn't be far behind.

Let's just live easily from now on. Let the machines do the decisions, make stuff, even do the policing and military. Fly our planes, fighters, etc.

Hey, what could go wrong?

Comment Re:Get rid of votes for women (Score 1) 621

Dumbass, check out your history. It was Republicans that gave women the vote. It was Republicans that freed the slaves, It was Republicans that sent in the Army to allow black school kids to go to a white school. It was Republicans that tried to pass the voting rights act, which Johnson defeated - THREE times! He later signed it kicking and screaming saying - "I'll have those N****** voting for democrats for the next 200 years." True, look it up.

Truth hurts when you know you've been lied to all your life I bet.

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