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Comment Re:Should have listened (Score 1) 955

Unless you are a native american, you should be packing too.

Why? "Native Americans" were conquered. So where those that conquered them until we have the US. There should be none of this nation within a nation crap either. It's all United States.

Now if someone wants to come here, we allow that. They need to do it legally and they need to assimilate. Muhammadists aren't doing that. They set up enclaves and no go zones in Europe as well as the US. They have absolutely no interest in US law, just sharia law and they'll even tell you that. They think we have to bend to what they want. Screw them, they need to go back to where they can practice their sharia law and honor a man that was really nothing more than a thug and a pedophile. We are experiencing an invasion just as they said they would do.

Comment Sha-1, what about md5? (Score 1) 187

I still get a bunch of back talk by people that insist we still use MD5. Something that has been broken for almost a decade. Sometimes we have to, like when dealing with Microsoft servers. They still have to use MD5 because Microsoft doesn't care about security. They even recommend turning off FIPS because they say there are better algorithms and such... that they DON'T EVEN OFFER! So you're using stuff that isn't even FIPS. Often that's an export grade or you can break it in real time encryption.

Don't understand, why not just say -OK and fix it right now?

Comment Re:I'd be happy to work for local airports (Score 1) 47

You have no idea just how absurd what you're saying is. Airports are big. I mean really big. Even the smallest airport I've been to is big. It's very unlikely you'd ever be able to get close enough for bird shot to do anything. If a drone is in your backyard - yea, you have a chance. Airport - we'd be laughing at you.

Might be good for a weight loss program, however.

Comment Re:Security focused (Score 1) 133

How can you? Sure, if you have just one machine or two it's no big deal. Suppose you have a modern government agency, a business of any real size, etc? You have the web site - no big deal, they just get a warning message. Then there are the Unix based systems that run ldap, san, well most everything. Blade centers for VMs and such. Then the lightweight stuff that feed the dumb people like the Windows domain controllers and such. Things that people don't use much. It's getting to be a real PIA to find all of these frickin' certificates! They aren't even on standard ports to find. We had a san certificate that had a 10 year life blow out recently because we hit the expiration date. Things came to a grinding halt. That one was by IBM and IBM doesn't even own it anymore.

It's a bitch. If you set it so it doesn't halt things, nobody cares. They'll use a decades old expired certificate - which BTW is almost certainly fine. Expire it and things come to a grinding halt, people can't get work done, sometimes people can't even get machines working to the point they can even fix it anytime soon.

I'm just waiting for something like this to happen to say an amusement park on opening day, right on the day some government agency spent a whole bunch of money to promote - say IRS tax day or something. Wouldn't it be hilarious if they have a big march and all the electronic equipment comes to a grinding halt because the certificate was generated in the morning 5 years before and that was the die by date. Just before the big deal.

Imagine self driving cars. Poof, you're really nice super Edison Roadster shuts down entirely and won't do a thing now because the Mr. Reactor has an expired certificate and you're in the Holland Tunnel into NYC. So are other Edison Roadsters all over town, all over the country!

Comment Re:The USA hasn't recovered from prohibition. (Score 1) 154

And it has had bad effects. Used to be 18. It was changed shortly before I could buy, I think a year or two where I live. Same old leftist BS - it'll save lives. I'm blind... well in the years since then studies have shown they were the ones that were blind, and they admitted it. Yet we're still stuck with it.

We also have this zero tolerance concept. They're always the leftists doing it. No guns, No drinking, Can't even draw a picture of a gun in school. No cowboys and indians, some schools don't even want dodgeball anymore. It's nuts. Boys can't be boys anymore.

Maybe things will change to the way they used to be, when things made sense.

Comment Re:Fake news and journalism (Score 1) 895

Again. That's the difference between journalism and fake news, journalists do make mistakes, but, when it's done right, they correct them. Fake news, on the otehr hand, doesn't even pretend to try to get facts right; fake news simply lies right from the start.

I'm not sure what your anecdotes is intended to demonstrates. If you have to go back to 1932 to cite an example of uncorrected news reported from a major newspaper, I'd say that proves my point.

Interesting link to an article pointing out that until the leaks were about him, Donald Trump loved leaks. Not fake news, since the facts seem to be correct. At best you could say it's a case with some editorializing in the body of the article. But fake news is making up facts, not expressing opinions about facts.

Seems you realize what I'm saying and chose to ignore it. I showed they've been lying for almost a century and that was made clear. The second one you chose to believe the fake news again, or you really don't get it. There is a huge difference between a leak and a leak that happened here. Maybe that was really lost on you. This isn't some dumbass handler (Podesta) with a password of - password or asshole at Justice or on the Hill, these guys are trusted with some of the most sensitive information the country has. The leak shows that they can get whatever they want and this is something intelligence *NEVER* divulges because it really tips their hand, in fact it shows their hand. Let's be honest about it. Hell of it is, I don't want to seem as if I wanted Trump to be President. I didn't. I don't. However he is what we have and we shouldn't throw the country away just because the left lost big time due to their continued stupidity. I wasn't a fan of BO, he really did what he could to screw the country all the way up to the last moments he was POTUS as it turns out. There is a LOT of stuff that the public really should know about him and what he did, however none of that stuff is coming out. Probably never will. The stuff everyone knows like what he did to Isreal was just him measuring his cock on the way out. However I'm sure they'll keep his very very dirty laundry secret.

Of course, I'm assuming that you care. I'm thinking you don't, until the country falls and you're the one in big trouble. Don't worry, things will heat up fast. We have the Netherlands (Wilders will win), France (Le Pen will win) that have elections, then France will exit the EU... The EU will disolve... and so on. 2017 will be a hell of a ride. We really need a different kind of guy as POTUS right now. Trump would have been fine the past 8 years, not now. We need a guy more like Eisenhower. I hope Trump is up to the task. IMHO he is way, and I mean way way way better than if Hillary were in office. She'd fubar it good. Probably destroy the whole world.

Comment Re:The difference between fake news and journalism (Score 1) 895

Yea, you're right. It was just way too much to ask the reporter to look 5 feet to the left and not come to crazy conclusions. What were we thinking?

Besides, what if Trump removed it? It's his office after all. Why is that news in the first place? MLK was never in there before BO. Can't he have what he wants in the office? No, it was written to incite hate.

Let's see you get out of this one - the Durante Pulitzer for the NY Times. . What, them remove their prize? NEVER. Fake news, since at least the 1930s. Don't think I had to go back to the 1930s. It probably wouldn't be all that hard to find a fake article from today. Here's one now -

So here they are making a comparison between a leak from the DNC, based on a password of - password, that are not government secrets to something that was illegally obtained, from a private citizen, mischaracterized and was at probably the highest level of secret we have and wonders why Trump isn't happy? If that's leaked, nothing is safe. The nation isn't safe regardless of who is in the white house. Brad Manning for example caused all kinds of problems for BO when he did it. I guess BO forgot about that when he pardoned him. If he had any sense he would have made him serve his sentence.

This isn't funny. They need to get these guys and put their head on a pike.

Comment Other people (Score 1) 216

I've had a public gpg key out there for well over a decade. Tried to get others to encrypt. Nobody else will do it. Even tech people that really should know better. Even with step by easy step instructions. There's no interest in it. This is probably the norm, how many people want to encrypt their conversations with their siblings or other people. I have a feeling they're afraid they'll forget the password.

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