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Comment Reusablility problems (Score 5, Informative) 104

According to an article on Arstechnica, there is some problem with the current design, which means the recovered boosters are only good for one or two re-launches. They need the next version of Falcon 9, block 5 before they are properly re-usable.

"It now seems likely that SpaceX will fly the landed boosters it currently has, at most, once or twice, before retiring them, instead of multiple times. Although the company hasn't elaborated on the problems with the engines, booster structure or composite materials that has challenged their attempts to re-fly its Falcon 9 first stages, Musk seems confident that changes to the Block 5 version of the rocket will solve the problem. "

Comment Re:Classic games and apps have been killed (Score 1) 105

> play them on iOS 10 and previous
You're being a bit disengenuous. If you buy a new device it comes with the latest iOS with no option to downgrade. Also iOS warns you every day that you have to upgrade. Plus the fact that other apps only support the latest version. Not upgrading is not really an option.

Comment Classic games and apps have been killed (Score 1) 105

What's really happened here is that Apple has killed all old classic games and apps.
A similiar thing happened when Microsoft released Windows 7. A lot of old games (like the origonal Xcom) didn't work on the new OS. However, because Windows is more or less open system, the comunity was able to get them working using DosBox.
But iOS unfortunately is a closed system. All those classic games are dead forever.

Comment Not true! (Score 1) 105

It doesn't matter if that you can download old apps from the App store. The restriction is being enforced by the operating system. If you have iOS 10.3 installed on your device it will not run 32-bit apps, as the article states.
Also not many people realise that this has happened before. iOS 9 broke old versions of apps by inforcing requirement of root viewcontroller, which hadn't been inforced before.

Comment Re:Garbage Collection (Score 1) 85

There's some more issues to it than that.
C++ is more efficent because it can use the stack more and can store primitive types in stl collections directly.
Language's like c# and java have to instantiate objects on the heap always and primitive type can't be store in collection classes.
Then, look at the amount of memory that the runtime uses, it's far, far more than any c++ exe. For instance, run a empty c# Unity project and you've blown 50mb of RAM already.

Comment Re:Now lets see. (Score 2) 1560

> I'll echo Seth Myers in saying that I've been wrong about him so many times that, if this trend continues, he'll be a great president

That's the classic logic fallacy. You could be wrong about him in both directions, i.e. he could even worse than your worse expectations - but you choose the other direction, i.e. that he is better than you expected, because that's the way you sympathies lie.

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