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Comment Thousands of crimes remained unsolved... (Score 3, Insightful) 254

The claim that

thousands of crimes remained unsolved because no one can crack into the perpetrators' phones

is exaggerated speculation at best. There may well be thousands of crimes that include locked phones in their set of evidence, but there is no guarantee that data on those locked phones would lead to the crime being solved if it were unlocked. It's also possible that many of those crimes could be / will be solved eventually using other pieces of evidence and investigative avenues.

Comment Re:Money for nothin... (Score 3, Insightful) 456

Taxing them more simply means higher prices for all the customers. That would be us, not them. If they keep prices the same, it means less investment by them in jobs, or higher prices for us, period.

. Wrong. There's a third and obvious option, lower profits. Apple's profit margin isn't some fixed value and higher expenses (e.g. increased tax payments) can't arbitrarily be covered by raising prices or cutting expenses elsewhere. If Apple could raise prices as easily as you imply they would have already done so to maximize their profits. If Apple could cut their expenses somewhere (e.g. salaries) in a way that wouldn't affect their profits they would have already done so to maximize their profits.

Comment Re:Not dying, just changing (Score 1) 113

Ad sponsored journalism always had a built in conflict of interest even when they were scrupulous about keeping the business and content separate.

Do you seriously believe that the "new" journalism isn't ad sponsored. What, other than ads, do they have as a source of funding? At least the "old" journalism could get some revenues directly from their readers. The "new" journalism, not so much.

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