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Comment Wont last (Score 3, Interesting) 134

Important things wont get done if you get reminded all the time to go back and fix all the perfect world problems that you promised yourself you'd do. Unfortunately life gets in the way and the important things quickly take priority. Being reminded to go and correct the whitespace in a random header file isn't going to help anyone.

Comment Not my cup of tea (Score 1) 182

I don't like facebook at the moment, I think it's too focused on a novelty market, which isn't my cup of tea, sadly this is what happens when something grows too big. Too many smilies for my liking. When it was plain text I was ok with it. Anyway, that's just my disagreements.

Mark built the company. What gives anyone the right to put someone else in his place? If you want to be in the facebook club and buy shares, then play by the rules of the club when you joined, don't go crying because you've not seen the big ROI that you expected, pays your monies, takes your chances. Mark's club.

Comment Personal choice (Score 1) 489

As a heavy linux user, I will chop between two UI's, for the desktop where there is more space I use ratpoison, it allows for fast switching between programs and can shift the desktop around accurately and consistently. For the systems with smaller displays that I have around netbook size I use evilwm.

Both are fast and easy to control. They're both very stable and do not take long to learn. Both give back nearly 100% of the screen real estate and have next to no clutter.

Comment Shameful (Score 1) 503

Isn't this just an advertising post that somehow found its way into the 'green' section of slashdot?

There is a definite conflict of interest here, the company is in business to make money, therefore they will suggest only good things about the current product along with reasons why you should stop using the older and put hand in pocket for newer. If MS asked for one payment only, and that allowed you free choice of the OS and future upgrades, sure that would be reasonable. Essentially you can only use MS Windows to browse the web, for everything else you need to buy additional products, and this is what makes the OS a bad choice. It's a bit like having to buy something to enable you to buy a train ticket. I don't like it.

Comment 1984 (Score 1) 371

If you're a billionaire you can pretty much do what you want with enough trolls on social media. To quote George Orwell:

He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.

Recent ignorance towards human driven climate change is stupid and money will probably not fix the damage.

Comment The ... (Score 1) 338

Cuckoo's Egg. Cliff Stoll. It's excellent. Here's a link to the book on Amazon. If you're a sysadmin you should read this. It's set in the era of mainframe unix and you'll know why the editor wars exist after reading. You'll also gain an idea of just how hard it is tracking someone when they have weaved their way through different links to get onto your system. Although factual, Cliff Stoll does a good job of telling the story with some good humour.

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