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Comment Re:He's not a woman (Score 2) 784

The idea is that sex and gender are not the same thing - one is, as you said, biological, and the other is psychological. Yes, in the end it's all biology, but you can't argue that gender dysphoria is not a real phenomenon. So, the question you have to ask, is what's the best way to treat this condition? Is it to say, "Deal with it, you were born this, you are this," or, is it to give them therapy and open the door to procedures that do, in fact, seem to lessen the psychological suffering of such individuals?

Comment Re:IPs parallel the discoverable world (Score 1) 321

That's a much better analogy, I agree, but even then you have to consider that someone could use your IP address without even being on your property if your wireless isn't secured or is improperly secured.

One could perhaps argue that constitutes negligence, but if that's the case every McDonalds and Starbucks in the country is in trouble.

Comment Re:Darwin in action. (Score 1) 404

Oh, I'm sorry. I assumed the topic of discussion was evolutionary penile changes due to condom use since that was the topic of the comment I replied to. If we're just making broad statements about evolution then, yes, 500 years can be significant.

I'm not sure why you would have phrased that like you were calling me out though.

Comment Re:Darwin in action. (Score 2) 404

I have found a paper on evolutionary rates of change. It calculates an instrinsic rate of evolution of .1 standard deviations per generation. If we call a generation roughly 20 years" we're looking at 25 generations over 500 years. Unless you can provide evidence of a relatively strong selection pressure towards some penis change that makes condoms less effective, I'm going to go ahead and stand by my original claim.

Comment Sager (Score 1) 300

For example, this1080p 15.6" model. I had never heard of them, but a friend ordered one recently and, wow, I was really impressed with the build quality. They keyboard itself is excellent and has a feel similar to mechanical switches. To top it off, the prices are really competitive. They're pitched as "gaming notebooks," but don't let that stop you. I'd use these for business in a heartbeat and, who knows, you might get some gaming in on the side.

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