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Comment twiddler (Score 1) 147

i lost the use of my right (dominant) hand for 6 weeks and tried the twiddler. I didnt find the chorded text entry easy and struggled to get to much over 30-40 characters per min (!), but the mouse pad button works well for navigating a gui desktop (think ibm thinkpad 'trackpoint' center button). Oh and it works perfectly with linux.

Comment Re:silly (Score 1) 204

thanks for posting this. what a beautiful relation. it is occasionally coming across nuggets of gold like this that keeps me reading slashdot (although, to continue the analogy, it must be said that there is a whole lot of prospecting through cr*p required!).

Comment The OS kernel that links brain and mind (Score 2, Interesting) 145

Changes in synaptic connectivity are one way that learning occurs. It is interesting to see that even minor stimulation (in playing a game like tetris) can lead to observable changes, i.e., the hardware of the mind (aka the brain) can be re-modelled by the software being run (the 'program' or specific task being undertaken). One of the next questions is to begin to understand the rules governing how learning is represented. This will allow us to begin debugging the OS kernel that links brain and mind.

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