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Comment Re:That'll be a million dollars, please... (Score 1) 140

I agree. I was thinking about cases where for example a device when purchased is secure and then the user changes the password to "password". If they have the capacity to actually log in to a configuration page and change the password, then they should also be held accountable for weakening the devices security by choosing a bad password.

Comment Re:Who should we blame? (Score 0, Redundant) 140

"The people that did it." First of all you would use the pronoun "who": The people who did it.

But, who *did* "do* *it*?

What is the it that was done, and by whom?

Was it someone who created the botnet? Was it someone who controlled the botnet and directed it to attack a specific target?

Was it the manufacturers of devices who used crappy chips in their products which were vulnerable?

Was it the manufacturer(s) of the chip themselves for even making such product(s)?

Was it our government for failing to regulate, inasmuch as such chips should not even be allowed to be used in the first place?

Is it us, for allowing our government to fail to regulate, and allowing there to be companies which make and use crappy chips that are vulnerable?

Comment Re:Legal? (Score 1) 265

I agree. Plus a booby trap isn't half as fun as catching some scumbag in the act and getting the satisfaction of spraying the shit out of their eyes with pepper spray and maybe getting in a few really good kicks to the balls for good measure. The idea that they went home after only vomiting doesn't satisfy me. The idea that they're at home at least still partially writhing from stung eyes and aching balls is much better.

Comment Pepper spray and vigilance are better (Score 1) 265

Just keep pepper spray and be always be prepared to use it if you see someone tampering with your or anyone else's locked bicycle.

There's no substitute for people being vigilant. Not long ago in San Francisco a guy went up and cut through a bicycle lock with a circular saw in broad daylight, as people walked by. I think there are other more serious problems to worry about.

Comment Re:I don't agree that these are "conservative" vie (Score 3, Insightful) 223

Wanting to keep out members of a "religion" that openly-stated goal of which is the takeover of the world, and which is fundamentally incompatible and in conflict with many of the most basic principles of your society makes perfect sense. In fact, not doing so seems completely insane.

What a lot of people don't get is that many of the people in their beloved minority groups wouldn't hesitate in a second to completely destroy many of the freedoms that we've fought so hard to accomplish. And quite frankly seeing women wearing that full-face-cover head veil thing (there's at least one who lives near me) makes me sick.

Islam teaches that women are literally the property of their husbands, no different than cattle. That should make anyone sick.

Comment Re:Why the hate? (Score 1) 251

And of course you're not an electrical engineer and don't know that the decision wasn't made because of technical reasons such as the spec lifetime of the battery exceeding the lifetime usage of the phone and other design considerations such as water resistance which went into the decision. No, rather you just spew shit because you're unhappy.

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