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Comment Re:I use linux because (Score 1) 258

Contrast that to Linux. Normally, you plug something in and it works great. If it doesn't then you probably should have researched your purchase better.

I don't know about that, I've been trying to find a good distro to run on my 2015 MBP. Ubuntu has a goppingly awful Unity interface, you need hacks to make HiDPI work and the power management/hibernate doesn't work propertly. Mint works with HiDPI but no Wifi, spotty trackpad operation and also has the hibernate issue. Elementary also had the wifi issue which I had to install from Broadcom themselves and took some messing around to make HiDPI work.

So when you say "Linux" what are you referring to? You don't use Linux, you use a Linux-based operating system, a desktop distribution. So which are you talking about?

Comment Re:Two trends converge (Score 3, Insightful) 114

When Linux doesn't meet your use case, you can fix it or pay someone to have it fixed.

Yes in theory, but in practise regular users do not do either of those things. Yes it's annoying that support for older hardware is stopped but users just buy new hardware with supported software rather than switching to Linux and paying developers to fix problems for them. In fact unless you can find a cheap developer the former is probably more cost effective anyway.

Comment Re:First of its kind... (Score 1) 68

Wouldn't it just be easier to have a mechanism to store the encryption key on an external device that you take with you rather than on the machine itself? That way you wouldn't need an elaborate custom-built chassis and you eliminate the threat by just not storing the data and the password in the same place.

Comment Re:Astrotrufing anyone? (Score 1) 266

Wifi and bluetooth can be turned on while in airplane mode.

The whole point of Airplane mode is to stop wireless connections. Of course you can selectively turn those features back on but whether it's Windows, Android or iOS when you turn on airplane mode it turns off wifi and bluetooth.

Also you can get bluetooth headphones that last for 20+ hours now.

Which ones?

Comment Re:Astrotrufing anyone? (Score 1) 266

Yet no one in their right mind would dream of calling those "Not a Standard". So, since Apple will allow ANYONE who meets their criteria and pays their License Fee to design and sell Lightning-compatible products, claim MFi-Compliance, and be "guaranteed to work" with other Lightning-equipped products, how is that NOT a Standard?

Because nobody else can use it in their devices, you can only use it to make accessories for Apple products.

So why doesn't Apple just Open Source Lightning?

Because they can extract license fees from it and this would allow for companies to make accessories that easily work for both iDevices and non-iDevices. It's in their interest as a for-profit company to do exactly this.

But the same thing could be said of the abovementioned examples of "Standards" that are still "Licensed"; some after decades of widespread use.

No, it couldn't. Because anybody can make a DVD and a DVD drive and all they need to do is pay the license fees, you cannot do the same with lightning. HTC can't just come along and make a phone with a lightning port.

But this is all beside the point, the point is what they did is made their newer device more of a pain in the ass to use than their previous one without adding any replacement technology, this is a step backward for Apple in general and I'm not sure what makes you so desperately defend that.

Comment Re:Astrotrufing anyone? (Score 1) 266

And their contention is that they are replacing the 3.5 mm analog Jack with a superior standard. Reread my post, and think about your response.

I read what you wrote, lightning is not a standard, in fact not only that it isn't even available across Apple's own product lines. Also it wasn't replaced with anything, I had a single lighting connector and bluetooth headphone capability on my iPhone 6 too, if they replaced the headphone jack with another lightning connector then fine - still not a standard but at least it solves one of the annoyances.

Comment Re:Astrotrufing anyone? (Score 1) 266

But I was actually surprised to already see almost 2 dozen Lightning headphones and earbuds on Amazon, with quality and prices from $799 (!!!) all the way down to $30 or maybe less, and about a half-dozen dual-port charging/listening cables, too. So the "annoyance" won't be lasting long.

Yeah except they don't work with anything else, they don't even work with any of my Macs (or any iDevices) and I still need an adapter for the plane when I want to have it on charge and listen to music. With the serial ports and floppy drive it was: "hey we're replacing this with a superior standard", that is not the case here.

Comment Re:Astrotrufing anyone? (Score 3, Insightful) 266

We all know there's workarounds, but they're clunky. It's annoying that my iPhone 7 is more cumbersome to do the things just worked out of the box with my iPhone 6, yes I know I can get bluetooth headphones, which I did but on a long haul flight they don't last and don't work in airplane mode anyway. So now I need another set of headphones and a headphone+charge adapter.

That's not the sort of regression in user experience I'm used to with Apple's products. The other issue with it is the inconsistency, the lightning port isn't available on any Mac so the lightning-only headphones they ship with the iPhone (without any lightning to 3.5mm adapter) don't even work with my other Apple products.

Now I'm sure you'll leap to their defence with all the possible workarounds but the fact is the user experience is now worse, this is a downgrade, not an upgrade and usually Apple handles these things so well so this is disappointing but it's ok it's an annoyance and you can admit that.

Comment Re:I want alternatives (Score 1) 97

personally i dont like the top tires phones now its all a sealed throw me away a year from now setup.

Dont be so melodramatic. There is no reason the top tier phones can't last many years. Indeed even the iPhone 5 from over 4 years ago is perfectly usable with the latest OS update, as is the Nexus 4, Galaxy S4 with Cyanogen, etc... If you need to throw them away after 1 year then the problem is with you, not the phone.

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