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Comment Re:So it has... (Score 4, Insightful) 89

Kyocera (I assume duraforce pro) is 3200mAh battery. Top of the line, CAT S60, is 3800mAh. These phones are *expensive* given their relatively shitty specs in other areas ($400 and $800 respectively). Many people don't care about phone durability, they just want their phone to last charged for more than a day on stand-by. If LG prices this phone in line with its other specs (~200$), it will blow duraphones out of the water on price alone.

Comment Re:Shift from offering products to exploiting user (Score 1) 154

> Now tell me that ANY of this is driven by consumer demand.
Yes, it is. Users don't care about privacy, or, for that matter, any hidden consequences (which is why usury thrives). Breaking the spell of rent seeking behavior now corroding our society is a difficult one. Starts with basic education of the technicalities, as well as financial literacy (many of lessons there extend beyond that of financial field).

Paranoia as such is only overreaction to false dillema, often with detrimental consequences. Not only needs one to ask "cui bono" and merely be paranoid and patently avoid it - that's only half of the thruth. They need to ask if the hidden trade is worth it - usury can be still useful if the borrowed capital can be reinvested in profitable venture.

To give an example, stonewalling facebook and whatsapp - the trade is seemingly "give up your privacy, or you'll get socially isolated". But it is a false dillema. Purchase a burner phone number online (~$1), set up the account via Tor, it's a fair trade.

Comment Re:Smells fishy (Score 1) 64

> why not open it up for everyone?
Because it would be much worse than wifi then. LTE is fast because it is very, very coordinated, down to client station level. That can be accomplished only by strict regulation, basically government says that you can run only specific protocol on a given band.

The document linked brags about how LTE-U is better than wifi. Of course it is, because it uses separate (licensed) band for cooperative signalling, whereas WiFi (or LTE completely in unlicensed band as you say) is merely ad-hoc collision resolution, as full coordination is not feasible in unregulated band. They're comparing ethernet switch to ethernet hub, however only hubs are unlicensed.

The deleterious effect for WISPs is obvious - big mobile telcos with LTE main bands will leech off bandwidth from wisp market, further monopolizing the last mile. While the technogy [b]is superior[/b] compared to wifi technologically, the inherent concentration of it in hands of monopolies is not, market-wise.

Comment Re: Ways around this (Score 5, Interesting) 512

I'm using a 64GB sd card a bit differently. Forget copying things back and forth, that's too much hassle with plenty of room for mistakes.

Instead, get a phone with vendor supplied sdcard backdoor (there's plenty of those, just look for root tutorials of your favorite vendors). For example huawei ones look for dload/, This is made of kernel and squashfs image. You can just rip those from internal ROM, except modify the sdcard version /system squashfs slightly so that fstab mounts sdcard partitions to /cache and /data (running whole system off sd is possible too, but a bit involved to bastardize the rom for it). Put the card in, start the phone and voila - entirely different world boots up, remove the card, and its back to original.

I did this mainly because the sdcard image is rooted and heavily customized, while the internal rom is the original vendors (to not void warranty). But as a side effect, this way you get perfect plausible deniability. Without the sdcard, the phone is pretty much stock, with no indication that entirely different world exist on some card that isn't there.

Comment Re:work less (Score 1) 723

Interesting graph. Yes productivity grows, for 200 years now. Now, can you produce one of median earner - the ones with torches and pitchforks, instead of aggregate economy output?

Indeed as you correctly argue, there was a huge dip and rebound in employment before in history - during the start of industrial revolution - all these people had a hard time for a while when they suddenly didn't have to spend all the time on a farm. Instead, they did the same in factories. I agree, it was a step up. But what's the next "factories" in the current event? Making youtube videos and serving lattes?

The current level of underemployment is unprecedented. There are other solutions than UBI. Shorten hours to 5 a day. Not enough? People born on odd days work only on odd days, people born on even days work only on even days. It could go on...

Also, back of envelope math says that robots need to do at least 90% of (tangible goods) output, as well their output be taxed by that much for UBI to be feasible. That's still quite a long way. As for service sector - that is completely market priced, and will always exist in separate universe (perhaps gravitating towards elite). It will be vastly disconnected from robot produced commodities market - want to watch kenye west live? You better pony up, kid, because there's no robot replacing him.

Comment Re: Easy solution (Score 1) 120

Fair point. With seat numbers you get something akin to bonds or options instrument market, not real commodity.

Maturity times are different for each piece of instrument, but it is lumped together with each being priced by the slight variation in demand for each variant. Because in general, the market does not care about the slight differences between variants. They're fine as long they get *some*.

What I'm trying to say is that auction technically is very limited form of market - where your bid is allocated to only one item. Which is simple to understand, but inefficient in market terms - on financial instrument markets, you put a bid for classes of parameters (seat range, if you buy two seats, ensure those are next to each other etc) - basically a set of seat numbers you're ok with, in given price range, and you get first ticket which will match. The whole point is to not limit your capital to one item, when near-identical seats around are potentially cheaper.

Comment Re:Easy solution (Score 2) 120

Market is already what this guy was doing, it's just a shadow one (auctions are unrelated in this scenario - those are for single items, not commodities).

And yes, the market of limited supply at a fixed rate is trivial to corner if you can buy it all out before with trivial amounts of capital. The proper trick is for tickcetmaster be the actual elastic supplier during the markets course until closing - by emitting new tickets / buying back to prevent fluctuations - in such a way that 1 hour before the event, last free ticket will be emitted.

Comment Re: Cogent is shit (Score 1) 186

Welp, never mind, the route is specific: BGP routing table entry for, version 611495772 Paths: (1 available, best #1, table Default-IP-Routing-Table) Local (metric 10177050) from ( Origin IGP, metric 0, localpref 150, valid, internal, best Community: 174:990 174:20912 174:21001 Originator:, Cluster list:, This is normally done in case of sustained ddos attacks, but if it's spurious, then it's pretty nasty.

Comment Re:Interesting (Score 1) 626

If that is the goal, then it is sheer stupidity.

Desperate people often think they have nothing left to lose. Whether this is stupidity, or a wisdom, time will tell. I'm not so sure about pundits denouncing current trumps policy just yet. Despite how outrageous it is, it has little to no practical impact. The impact of wages >120k for H1B immigrants is much, much higher and the true point of contention.

On the other hand, if you look at the actual countries banned, and the actual number of workers involved in the ban (some of the tech giants publicized this number), you see that the impact is rather low (bulk of H1B tech immigration is asia, definitely not egypt). Basically you're jumping to conclusions based on petty gesture policy.

Comment Trolls patented onion routing and p2p in general (Score 5, Interesting) 90 is the patent supposedly infringed, and is the court litigation.

Basically, both Microsoft and Apple got hit by a patent troll, hard. It sounds like random gibberish of somebody vaguely trying to implement p2p relaying similiar to Tor (and from the looks of it, naively broken and not-anonymous too). With a lot of odd features on top of it which do not make much sense from engineering perspective as well. Possibly put in there just to make the patent as broad as possible. It's basically impossible to explain how this is related to any p2p system, much less facetime, what is clear that the patent is some sort of p2p (among dozens of other things).

It's worth noting it is explicitly linked to TARP -

Now, the fun part is that both patents describe routing header encryption, possibly with onion layers (its hard to tell from the gibberish), for both of which there is ton of prior art (onion was patented by darpa in 1998 in fact).

Comment Re:Sweden (Score 2) 70

Curious, I always wondered why people in this camp parrot "immigrant rapes are cherry picked cases by nationalists" - and while that is definitely true most of the time, you can still find direct police statistics that african immigrants, per capita, are about 5-10x (depending on city) more likely to commit a crime compared to slav immigrants (read white immigrants). And there's a lot of to compare to, including warzones (yugoslavia 20 years ago, ukraine now). They integrate almost perfectly within few months, yet come from comparable economic backgrounds. How is that possible?

Perhaps there is a thing or two about incompatble cultures clashing? What is the exact plan to resolve these clashes? Is whitewashing that issue completely and merely criticizing populist wingnuts really a way to go to sway the popular opinion?

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