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Comment Re:Apple: it just works (Score 1) 162

It's the same cable... with USB-C instead of plain USB.

Not even I thought the Reality Distortion Field had such power as to superimpose two physically disparate cables upon each other. Dear God... Apple has won. They have achieved the omnipotent powers of transfiguration. The war is lost! Open your wallets and pour out for penance!

Wait until you see the Apple certified Monster USB-C cables ...

Comment Re:Apple: it just works (Score 1) 162

Especially when you chain 37 adapters and hubs together to gain back the functionality you had just 3 years ago...

Ya, but the new iPhone is now water resistant -- so ... there.

So cutting edge. It wasn't a Kyocera Hydro VIBE -- which was certified water *proof* back in 2014 (with a headphone jack) -- that guy strapped to the handlebars of his bike to go riding in a thunderstorm in that Apple commercial -- “Practically Magic” -- which is ironic because it's neither practical or magic, just 2+ years late on a phone that costs 3 times what the VIBE did.

But I digress. The Apple stuff *is* very shiny and thin.

Comment Re:Money for nothin'... (Score 1) 101

Compare that to taxis, where in some cities you couldn't be sure whether you'd be robbed or raped when taking a ride. Uber solves this problem, at least mostly.

Is there a place on the app for noting that you got raped or robbed, or do you just leave a comment and rating?

Got robbed: 1 star

Comment Re:how about 4A (Score 1) 430

A: "Sorry, it's not my safe - I only house it for a friend."
Cop: "Who's your friend"
A: "I'd take the 5th on that".

Off topic, but your comment reminded me of this exchange from the movie, The Pink Panther Strikes Again (1976) with Peter Sellers as Inspector Clouseau:

  • Clouseau: Does your dog bite?
  • Hotel Clerk: No.
  • Clouseau: [bowing down to pet the dog] Nice doggie.
  • [Dog barks and bites Clouseau in the hand]
  • Clouseau: I thought you said your dog did not bite!
  • Hotel Clerk: That is not my dog.

Comment 17 going on 26 (Score 0) 65

For example, Ubuntu 16.10 uses the letter "Y" -- "Yakkety Yak". The next version of the operating system will use the letter "Z" [and] Canonical has chosen "Zesty Zapus"...

Version 17 will use the letter "Z" and yet there are 26 letters in the alphabet. Hmm... Did I miss a Sesame Street episode somewhere?

Comment Re:So it appears . . . (Score 5, Interesting) 185

Someone should go to jail for a very long time as soon as we figure out exactly what was screwed up.

Really. Criminal conviction, huh? Programmer in prison? Are you even listening to yourself?

Would it be the Programmer? Or the Tester? Or the Project Manager that signed off on it? Or should it be the entire team?

Hillary Clinton. Trump says we should blame her for everything that has gone wrong - ever. :-)

Comment addicted ? (Score 3, Interesting) 403

Americans are addicted to their jobs. U.S. workers not only put in more hours than workers do almost anywhere else. They're also increasingly retiring later and taking fewer vacation days, ...

Perhaps we're just afraid of being unemployed and destitute. Employers show little loyalty to their employees (Pro Tip: If your company says "employees are our most valuable asset" start looking for another job.), the social safety net is not as strong as in Europe and it's clear that our politicians don't really care about the poor and (arguably) middle class -- look at the various budgets, including the latest Republican House budget which gets 62% from low/moderate income programs while also including tax cuts for the wealthy. (see below).

House GOP Budget Gets 62 Percent of Budget Cuts From Low- and Moderate-Income Programs

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