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Comment Re:WTF? (Score 1) 86

You might want to re-read. It's the FTC, not the FCC, that the court said has no say in this matter. Not that I agree with the decision. What the court is essentially saying is that if a company acts as a common carrier in any way then the FTC has no say over their non-common carrier activities. So that would mean that the FTC can't regulate Yahoo because Yahoo is owned by Verizon.

That's bullshit.

Comment Re:Boo ****ing hoo (Score 1) 261

First of all, the law they're fighting is an anti-competitive, anti-consumer law. It's there to protect existing businesses from new competition, and it brings greater cost to the consumer. Second, the law was put in place specifically to prevent Tesla from coming into the car sales market in Michigan. It's not that it's been sitting on the books and now all of a sudden that maniac Elon Musk wants to do away with it for the evil purpose of selling cars without the added cost of a middleman; Michigan enacted the law at the behest of existing car dealers when they learned that Tesla was interested in opening up shop.

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